A wedding to remember

What a wedding! We spent last week preparing for, and enjoying lots of festivities to celebrate the marriage of David’s younger brother, Andrew to his beautiful wife, Aundrea. It was certainly the grandest, most formal wedding I’ve ever attended. Everything from the ceremony, dresses, flowers, music, food and special touches (Horse drawn carriages for all guests! White and gold Grand Marnier cake! Photo booth!) was a feast for the senses, and of course, the happy couple was radiant. I wish I had photos to share, but as a bridesmaid it just wasn’t appropriate for me to be lugging my big camera around. I hope the photographer got a good shot of me in my bridesmaid dress (aubergine floor-length Vera Wang with train and custom-made gold embroidered waistband and sash designed by the bride) and David in his tuxedo, because it is unlikely we’ll ever be as well-dressed again!

So now it is back to real life for us. We flew back this afternoon and it feels good to be home (except for the mountain of tasks that are awaiting). Happily, it will be a short work week for David and then we’ll have a four-day holiday weekend to spend together. We thought about taking another family camping trip, but now we’re thinking some good old-fashioned down time might be in order. We’ll see what the weekend brings. Meanwhile I’ll be resting my sore feet – it isn’t every day I get to dance the night away!


Modern Birth Announcements

Recently Patti left a comment asking what we did for birth announcements. I was embarrassed to admit that although we took the time to design our own, we never took the time to got them printed. Sad. Instead, we copped out and included a photo of our new family in our Christmas cards.

Etiquette experts generally say that sending a birth announcement up to 3 months afterward is fine, but I feel kind of weird doing it now. But if I did, and didn’t go with my own design, I’d love to use one of these online birth announcement sites:

Tiny Prints
They’ve gotten a lot of press lately, but they sure have some cute designs. I’ve seen several printed examples, including a holiday card, this birth announcement and my own baby shower invite (thanks Greta!), which all looked really nice. The branches with pink blossoms design below was the inspiration for the painting that Grandma Sandy painted on the wall in Chloe’s nursery.

I first learned about Minted via the Project Nursery Blog. Back when Chloe was born they were running a 10% off special, except there weren’t any designs that David and I could agree on. They have gorgeous letterpressed wedding invites and even offer professional calligraphy.


Metro Baby Cards
I would say their tagline “Modern. Funky. Unique.” is pretty apt. I love that they offer coordinating return address labels. Their personalized baby Thank You cards are worth a look, and they also have birthday, baptism, holiday and shower cards.


Updated 12/05/2009 to add: Paperculture

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Wedding Reception "Shoe Game"

bride and groom shoes

One of the most entertaining games I have ever seen at a reception is the “Shoe Game” or “Marriage Test” which I witnessed here for the first time. It’s easy, fun, and the only props needed are already being worn by the bride and groom—their shoes.

After removing their shoes, the bride and groom either sit or stand, back to back, each holding their partner’s shoe in one hand and their own shoe in another. Someone (preferably with a strong clear voice to be overheard by the crowd) acts as the speaker, and asks about 20-25 prepared questions. For example, the speaker might ask the couple “In your relationship, which one of you made the first move?” Then the couple would answer by holding up either the bride or the groom’s shoe, depending on who they thought made the first move.

Other typical questions might be “Who is the better cook?” “Which one of you is more frugal?” “Who is the better driver?” “Who is more romantic?” It’s a lot of fun for the audience to see when the couple agrees and when they don’t. Even better is to mix in a bunch of personalized questions, in our friends’ case, since an Ikea recently opened in our town, one question was “Who is the first to want to go to Ikea?” and so on.

Here is a good link to another blog that includes a video example, and here is a version seen on youtube.


A Lake Creek Lodge Reception

What a lovely weekend. My in-laws flew into town and we drove the 2.5 hours to Lake Creek Lodge, where our friends Alex and Marcy were holding their wedding reception. Lake Creek Lodge is completely charming, surrounded by its various unique rental cabins. Best of all, they allow dogs, so Barkley, Mia, Suki and Booker all had a marvelous time playing together.

There were many things that made this a wonderful weekend, even beyond the fact that we were here to celebrate the marriage of two such dear friends. Everything just seemed to come together… the friends and family, the elegant and woodsy decor, the music, the games, the food and drink, the cakes… and all this despite the inevitable bumps that come along with every reception.

A few things that I found particularly memorable – the beauty of the Metolius River and Lake Creek, the multiple meals taken together with incredible friends, the bounding happiness of all the dogs, the newlyweds looking gorgeous and dashing in their elegant attire, the heartfelt speeches, the 5 individual cakes, the impromptu after-dinner salsa lesson, and the bride & groom “shoe question” game (read about it here).

Photos from the weekend:

The bridge connecting our cabins to the main lodge

The dogs during a moment of obedience with Jerry

A rare view of sunlight through the trees

An evening shot of Kevin & Jerry’s Cabin, #5, where we all congregated and
enjoyed the delicious food so generously provided.

The remarkably clear water of the Metolius River

Photos from the Reception:

A table awaiting the guests. The reception colors were burnt orange
and brown as depicted by the runner, the matching roses and pine cones.

The happy couple…

Flower seed favors in reusable magnetic tins

One of the 5 cakes, each with a different flavor and white-on-white design
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