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Hello from Washington DC! The kids and I are here visiting my parents and sister, and yesterday we spent an incredible 80 degree day admiring the cherry blossoms.

Packing for this trip was a major challenge. All of our things had to fit into a single piece of luggage. Snacks, baby items, necessities, and kid entertainment for the 5+ hour trip were contained in the carry on. And then there was a stroller and infant car seat (thank goodness my dad already had one for Chloe!). Quite a lot to handle. Luckily David helped us through ticketing and my parents were waiting for us when we arrived.

One of the hardest things to leave behind was my dSLR camera. It had been a year since we last visited, plus it was the first time my dad and sister would get to meet Leo. But in the end It was too bulky. So I just have my iPhone camera with me. This would be a good time to learn how to use some of the photography apps i’ve downloaded and never used. The one I have used is Photoshop Express. The top photo has been enhanced using the “vibrant” effect.





(Lincoln Memorial via iphone)

Has it really been a week since we arrived in DC? We’re enjoying ourselves so much! I keep meaning to write, but I never seem to sit down long enough (that, and my folks don’t have internet access)! I’ll have more to share soon once I finally download some of my photos.

Oh, and all that worry I had about how Chloe would act during the long, cross-country flight? Well, I shouldn’t have, because she was AMAZING! It was pretty much our easiest flight yet. I only gave her one of the many toys I brought to keep her entertained. Regardless, all that worry helped me pack a top-notch, toddler-friendly carry-on, which I hope to share soon!

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