Free Holiday Gift Checklist



I am a big fan of list-making, and with the holidays coming up I thought this Holiday Gift Checklist would be an handy way to get organized. It’s a single-page printable pdf that you can use to plan out recipients and gift ideas while keeping track whether the gift has been purchased or made, wrapped, and given or shipped. Plus, in the upper right I’ve included a small at-a-glance calendar for November and December. This way you can see where you are and how much time is left for shopping, crafting and/or shipping. Hope you find it useful!

Next week: Free Snowflake Placecards

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am planning to provide a free download each Sunday from now until Christmas. It’s my way of saying thanks and giving a little back into the blogosphere this holiday. Feel free to check back next week!


Tagged! 7 Honest Things

I’ve been tagged by Tracy at Prickly Pear Bloom to post 7 honest things about myself. Surprisingly, I found this task to be difficult, and I’m not sure why… like maybe these bits of information aren’t really very post-worthy. But here goes…

  1. I just started group guitar lessons. It has been something on my “Things to do during my lifetime” list. Yesterday I had my second class. Now, instead of playing air guitar, I’ll post pics on how my playing turns my husband’s hair prematurely grey.
  2. Being around a lot of people makes me uncomfortable. I’m much better one-on-one or with smaller groups. If you meet me around a lot of people and think I come across perfectly normal, then know that I am acting.
  3. I’m allergic to alcohol – no beer, wine, or any liquor for me. It’s the saddest thing really, not having an excuse for my odd behaviors like everybody else.
  4. If I could choose an aspect of myself to change, I’d up my self-motivation. Then maybe I’d get through my “Things to do during my lifetime” list a lot faster.
  5. I really like sunny mornings. A good cup of coffee and a yummy breakfast make it even better. I like how the day feels so fresh and full of potential and promise. Like anything can happen. Like how today I might turn into superwoman and accomplish everything on my to-do list (yes, I’m big on lists).
  6. I have a sweet tooth. I think I get it from my Dad, and my sister is the same way. Even when I feel full to bursting, I can still make room for a little dessert. It’s amazing that I’m not seriously overweight, although I’ve had to buy new pants this year…
  7. My favorite movies are the feel-good kind, usually involving an adventuresome romance. A few movies I could watch over and over: The Fifth Element, Amelie, The Thomas Crown Affair, Sweet Home Alabama, and The Sound of Music. I know, it’s embarrassing.

Now, to carry on the tradition, I’m tagging: Turkey Creek Lane, Paper Kitty, Cross.Pollination, Amethystlune, KeenEye, Diane Aldred, and The Pure Interest (even though Rachel was recently tagged with the “Four” question kind). The guidelines are:

1 Link the person who has tagged you
2 Tell seven true things about yourself
3 Tag seven new people
4 Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it

Good Luck!

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