Happy Father's Day!

Just thought I’d take this opportunity to share some photos of Chloe and her daddy, and to thank David for being such a wonderful father to our little girl…

David showing Chloe how to tie fly fishing lures

David and Chloe chilling out at the Rusted Cup & Beanery in Astoria

David and Chloe at Fishhawk Falls


Thanksgiving Weekend 2007

Lone Autumn Apple

Okay, this post is way overdue, but I thought I’d write it anyway. David and I spent a lovely few days at Kevin and Jerry’s farm down near Roseburg (about three hours south) with our friends Alex and Marcy. Every day was just so perfect. peaceful. happy. delicious. It is such a wonderful place, inviting home, warm atmosphere, beauty out of every window, new things to find and see and do – like collect hazelnuts from the tree in the yard, admire the chickens, watch the dogs (Barkley, Mia, Suki and Booker) play and have fun. It was just what I needed. Some time to get away from my desk. To play games and eat good food and give thanks. And I am so very thankful.


thanksgiving dinner


Trees in sunlight

Tokatee Falls

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