A little scare + Big news

I had a little scare earlier this week. The geneticist called to alert us that our risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome was higher than usual. I am not sure how they calculate the numbers, but I think it involves both maternal age and a blood test. She said my risk was 1 in 228, quite higher than the average risk for my age group, and suggested I have a special ultra-sound to perform something called a nuchal translucency screening.

After finding out I had finally hit our deductible, and that the test would only cost the co-pay, I decided to go for it. After all, what expectant mother can resist a tiny peek at her unborn baby? Normally, my only real ultrasound is at 18-20 weeks, but now I’d get two looks in there, plus I’d have time to prepare, if a less-than-ideal issue was present.

Fast forward to the screening – the equipment used by the perinatologist was so much more advanced than at my Doctor’s office. With Chloe, I saw static images that would switch periodically as a new scan was done. With this special screening, the look I got at the baby was like black and white video – I could see the tiny arms and legs pushing around in the amniotic fluid, and I was entranced! Seeing it like that really brought the reality of a baby in there to life, more than just my imagination and plain knowledge can. I really wish David had been there.

After the scan, a doctor looked at the results right away. My new numbers were infinitely better – 1 in 2116 for Down Syndrome, the same as an average risk for a 20 year old (although, not as good as when I had Chloe, where my risk was 1 in 12,000).

Of course, even though I knew it was too early, I couldn’t help but ask if the sonographer could see any gender evidence. She replied no, that it was way too early to tell. But then a few moments later, she asked if we were wanting to know and I said yes, definitely. Apparently she could see something, especially because the baby was in “perfect presentation,” and so we found out… we are having a boy!


Dot Matrix?

I just took the Pentagram’s “What type are you?” quiz (found via How About Orange. The password is: character). It is kind of funny because you listen to a video of a “psychiatrist” who supposedly interactively analyzes your answers. My choices resulted in Dot Matrix. Not at all what I would have expected. I think I’m a bit envious of Jessica, who got Universe. David took the test, too, and ended up with Courier. Not what I would have chosen for him, either, but turns out he loves Courier. Go figure.

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IntelliGender Results

Last week I won a blog giveaway on Droolicious for an IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test kit. According to the web site, you can take the test as soon as you’re 10 weeks pregnant. So, the question is, does it work? In my case, the answer is yes. After I inserted my first morning’s urine sample into the test container and waited the ten minutes, it did show a slightly orange tint, indicating that I’m having a girl (which I already knew from an ultrasound). A dark or smoky green color change would have indicated a boy.

Before I had my 20 week ultrasound I was really curious as to the gender of my baby, but I don’t know if I would have paid the $35 for the test. However, for those who really want to know, and are willing to take the results with some skeptism (just in case), this might be a fun, early trimester activity.

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