I turned 37 yesterday. Wow. Doesn’t that number seem really big? It certainly gave me pause, but it doesn’t feel as dramatic as I thought it was going to.

Last night we dropped off the kids and had dinner at a local Korean restaurant I’ve been wanting to try. Not as good as our favorite, but I thoroughly enjoyed my bibimbap. Afterward, we had just enough time to pick up a mini chocolate cake to celebrate with the kids before bedtime. My daughter loves to sing “Happy Birthday” and to blow out candles, so we got her a mini-cupcake with sprinkles, too.

And right now? I’m sipping some organic rooibos africana. I tried it at a christmastime tea in Colorado with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-laws. I only brought back a small packet and was sad to run out. Luckily a local tea shop carries it, and David stopped to get me some. I’ve been partial to South African rooibos before, but this particular blend with cornflowers, blue mallow and vanilla is so deliciously warm and comforting. And it is caffeine free – good for late nights. 😉

Ever since going to Vietnam, I like to drink tea in the asian “milk tea” style, with sweetened condensed milk. It sounds weird, but its really good. Rich and creamy and lightly sweet. If you are usually a coffee drinker and don’t particularly care for tea, I think this one will change your mind.


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The Friday before we left Colorado, we attended Tablescapes, an annual fundraiser held by the MHPA Assistance League of Denver at the historic Bosworth house. It included themed table displays that we could vote on, plus a Victorian tea, and little gift shop items for sale.

Check out the vinyl record charger in the bottom left photo and this boot as a vase.
More tablescape photos here.

I think it would be a lot of fun to design a table. After all, that stint working at Pottery Barn (in the tabletop section, no less) is bound to be worth something, right?

And, of course, here is a photo of Chloe at her very first tea, held by Grandma 🙂


Zhena's Gypsy Tea

Yesterday when we were at the grocery store I asked David to pick me up another box of green tea. I stayed in the car talking on the phone to my Dad. And just look at the pretty tin he came back with. I’ve never heard of Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, but the artwork and packaging is adorable. Fair trade and organic. My honey, he knows how I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging. And the tea is good, too!

So, I did a little online research and found Zhena’s story on greenmoneyjournal.com, which I found very interesting, real, and inspiring. Read her story here.

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