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Personalized pet tags work as identification on children, too.

Engraved cat tag from Petsmart on child's shoe as ID

With lots of holiday traveling coming up for many families, I thought I’d repost something I shared on a facebook group. I never really had to worry about this with my daughter (of course, there was only one child to watch back then), but my son will inexplicably decide to bolt away while we’re out shopping or running errands. This little piece of identification could make all the difference.

There was some discussion on here recently about name tags and ID bracelets and I thought I’d share this little tag. Despite the close-up pic, it is a small, featherweight cat tag on size 8 toddler shoes. There are many sizes and shapes. It cost $7.50 at Petsmart and I was able to make it in about 2 minutes. The front shows his name and the back holds up to four lines of text. This is what I included on the back:

Born: June 2011
Mom: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Dad: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Our City and State

These are velcro shoes, but if they were lace-up I’d probably put it on the front. It would also work well as a jacket zipper pull. From what I hear, all emergency personnel are trained to look at shoes and clothing for ID on a child. I don’t expect to ever lose my son, but just in case, this is a handy little piece of ID.

With four lines of text available on the back, there is plenty of room for health/allergy information as well as contact and identifying information. Plus it is a much cheaper alternative to the classic medical indication jewelry (and not as bothersome for little wrists or necks not used to wearing jewelry).



Flickr Tag

I was Flickr tagged by Minnesota:Madre today. Well, actually, I was tagged days ago, but I just noticed it today.

The note said to take a picture of myself and post it on Flickr within 5 minutes of reading. I was like what?! Jeez. 5 minutes? Could I do it? Luckily my camera battery was resting fully-charged in its charger, but unluckily, I hadn’t showered this morning and had bed-head hair on the one side (thus the profile view). I finger combed the “good” side, did a quick swipe with the lip gloss sitting on my desk and leaned sideways against the backrest of my chair. A decent shot, but I wish I hadn’t cut off my chin. I wasn’t counting the minutes, but if I was a tad late it was because I had a lot of photos on my memory card to download (made worse because I have a bad habit of forgetting to erase previously downloaded stuff, grrr). Will be sharing some of those pics soon!

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