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Wedding Reception "Shoe Game"

bride and groom shoes

One of the most entertaining games I have ever seen at a reception is the “Shoe Game” or “Marriage Test” which I witnessed here for the first time. It’s easy, fun, and the only props needed are already being worn by the bride and groom—their shoes.

After removing their shoes, the bride and groom either sit or stand, back to back, each holding their partner’s shoe in one hand and their own shoe in another. Someone (preferably with a strong clear voice to be overheard by the crowd) acts as the speaker, and asks about 20-25 prepared questions. For example, the speaker might ask the couple “In your relationship, which one of you made the first move?” Then the couple would answer by holding up either the bride or the groom’s shoe, depending on who they thought made the first move.

Other typical questions might be “Who is the better cook?” “Which one of you is more frugal?” “Who is the better driver?” “Who is more romantic?” It’s a lot of fun for the audience to see when the couple agrees and when they don’t. Even better is to mix in a bunch of personalized questions, in our friends’ case, since an Ikea recently opened in our town, one question was “Who is the first to want to go to Ikea?” and so on.

Here is a good link to another blog that includes a video example, and here is a version seen on youtube.

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