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Are you ready to trick-or-treat? My preschooler sure is. For the past few weeks she’s wanted to wear the same mermaid costume as last year. Then yesterday on the phone with Grandma she said she was going to be Snow White! So this morning I hemmed up her Snow White dress (a Christmas gift from her Uncle AJ and Aunt Aundrea) from her dress up bin . I was going to top it off with a simple red headband, but Chloe pointed out that Snow White wears a red bow in her hair. Right! So I whipped one of those up during nap time. Now we’re ready to rock.

Oh, have you seen this skeleton maternity shirt? I totally love it and wish I had seen it while I was pregnant. So funny! Leo, who is almost 17 months, will be wearing a similar skeleton shirt (minus the fetus!) that glows in the dark. Happy Halloween!



Ever since making this Blossom Blouse for Chloe, I’ve been thinking about making a top for myself. I already have the fabric, but I can’t seem to make up my mind on which top to make. There is a surprising amount of factors that weigh on this decision. For example, I’d rather not buy a pattern for this initial attempt. I’d also like it to be easy enough to muddle through with minimal frustration, in a style I’d actually wear, and look decent with the large floral print of the fabric I’ve chosen. And so on.

A few contenders right now are this Spring Ruffle Top Tutorial, the Strapless Belted Tunic from One-Yard Wonders, and the Baby Doll Tunic from Sew Teen (laugh if you want). Also, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the 2010 Spring Top Week entries – the three pictured above are a few styles I could see wearing myself (in different prints). I guess I need to get sewing if I want to enter my own!


Blossom Blouse

I finished this child’s Blossom Blouse for Chloe over the weekend. It is a pattern from the book Sew Liberated: 20 Stylish Projects for the Modern Sewist. I think it is just adorable, and I love this print. The smallest pattern was for size 2-3, so obviously it is way too big for my tiny daughter, but the fact that  I sewed something that came out okay is pretty miraculous. The last time I tried to sew a piece of clothing without help, I ended up getting stuck in the middle and giving up. It didn’t matter much though, because I could easily see that it was turning out more than double my size.

It is hard to see, but what drew me were the 3/4 bell sleeves with the little gathers just above the elbow. I love details like this, even for my own clothes. However, mine didn’t turn out quite right, because I couldn’t get my stitch to lengthen to the specified size, even though I turned the thread length indicator as high as it would go. I’m okay with that though, for a first try.

Now that I’m feeling a little of that “I’m sorta getting it” feeling, I’m trying to decide what to make next. Maybe a new sewing machine cover to replace the ugly plastic one. Or maybe a matching, mommy-size Blossom Blouse…

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