Baby shoe shopping

I think I may have mentioned this before, but Chloe has little feet. They are short lengthwise, but tall heightwise, which makes them difficult to fit into shoes. We were handed down several nice pairs (including the ones above), but almost none fit her. Since we think she may be on the cusp of walking, and with winter coming up, we wanted to get her at least one good pair. I guess we had no idea how expensive baby shoes were, because we were shocked at some of the price tags. In the end, we chose this pair from See Kai Run. They fit her really well, and will go with 99% of her wardrobe. Plus, both David and I could actually agree. As for the pair in the photo (which David says looks like little pig feet in shoes), as adorable as they are, they just aren’t meant for cold weather, or our hardwood floors. That is the thing with baby wear. So often you’ll love an outfit and she’ll outgrow it after only a few times, or it will be for the wrong season once she is finally big enough to wear it. But we’ve been very lucky to have so much given to us, so a little shoe shopping is nothing to complain about!

Here are two good guides to buying baby’s first pair of shoes from BabyCenter and Parenting.

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