DIY Paper-Covered Jewelry Organizer

Over the years I’ve collected, or been given, various pieces of jewelry. I stopped wearing most of it when Chloe was born (except for my wedding ring), and now that she is a little older I’ve begun to phase in a few pieces every now and again. Often I forget what I own until I go digging around in the box. The earrings and bracelets are organized somewhat decently, but the lengths of necklaces and pendants are all jumbled together. It is not a pretty sight.

Months ago I chose some paper and hardware to make two necklace hangers, although the hooks would also work nicely for rings and bracelets, too. Here is the one I made last week. It is sized to fit a narrow space on the wall of my closet. That’s the nice thing about making something yourself – it can be whatever you want it to be, plus it would make a sweet gift. The wood came from Home Depot (recycled from another project), the paper from Craft Warehouse and the hardware from Target.

12 x 12 sheet of heavy scrapbook paper
4 x 10″ piece of wood
7/8″ nickel-plated cup hooks
2 sawtooth hangers

Xacto Knife
Cutting Mat
Bone Folder
Glue or Double stick tape

Step 1: Fold the paper around the board, basically like you’re gift-wrapping a present. For best results, run the tip of a bone folder along the edges to make the smoothest and straightest folds possible.

Step 2: Seal the sides down with adhesive. I used double stick tape.

Step 3:
Make a tiny mark where you want the cup hooks to go. Drill pilot holes at each mark so the cup hooks will go in smoothly, and then screw them in. Finish by lightly pounding in the sawtooth hangers on the back side, one at each of the upper corners. Enjoy!


Family Birthstone Stacking Rings

These are the little stacking rings I got shortly after Chloe was born. I had been looking for something symbolic to wear, to mark this very memorable time. I took a long time wading through the dozens of traditional mother & baby and family birthstone jewelry, but everything seemed to be too cheesy, too traditional, or beyond my budget. Then I saw a set of modern stacking rings – perfect! Stacking rings come in a variety of settings and birthstones (in our case, citrine for Chloe’s November birthday, blue topaz for David’s December birthday and garnet for my January birthday). Plus, if our family should ever expand, all I have to do is buy another matching ring to add to my set.

These rings were purchased on Etsy from BirkaScandinavia for a very reasonable price. The bezel cup/tube setting is ideal because there aren’t any prongs to scratch baby or catch on things. Also, for a while I used the rings to remember which side I last nursed on by turning them over after each feeding – if the topaz was on top it was left and if the garnet was on top, it was right.

Click here and scroll down for the modern birthstones list.

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