Le Pigeon

Last night, David and I enjoyed an amazing anniversary dinner (only a month late) at Le Pigeon as a treat from David’s parents. Le Pigeon is probably the tiniest restaurant I know, and we had an excellent view of the food preparation from the bar seating that surrounded the kitchen area (the photo above was our same view from where we were sitting).

Since I like to try new things, I was happy to actually order pigeon for the first time (pan fried, with fois gras, grapes, and riesling). The meat was surprisingly dark and flavorful, just a little bit gamey, the breast better than the legs in my opinion. The pigeon starter was followed by a rich and tasty veal paprikash with gnocchi for me and prosciutto wrapped pork for David. For dessert David chose the creme brulee paired with chocolate shortbread cookie and espresso pot de creme (OMG!), and I ordered the creme fraiche panna cotta with blueberries and candied orange peel. While very beautiful and fresh, the panna cotta was too delicately flavored after my rich entree. David gallantly helped me out with it and I finished off his dreamy pot de creme. Such good food in every bite, and really neat to see the attention paid to each dish by the chefs. I hope we’ll get to eat here again.


Seattle, Birthday Weekend 2010

This weekend I thought it would be nice to explore north into Washington State for a change. Even though we live only three hours from Seattle, we’ve hardly spend any time there in the almost ten years I’ve lived here.

A shot of the falls taken with the iphone

On Saturday we drove up to see the 270ft Snoqualmie Falls. It was wet and rainy, so we didn’t hike down to the river, but satisfied ourselves with a good view from the overlook. Even better, we ate a truly memorable lunch in The Attic of the adjacent Salish Lodge, and literally had the best seat in the house, right next to the window above the falls. (If you go, we’d highly recommend the Northwest Charcuterie and Cheese Plate, the Duck Confit And Kobe Beef Sliders and the Spiced Northwest Fish Tacos).

Saturday night we stayed at the friendly Pensione Nichols bed & breakfast, just a block away from Pike’s Place Market in downtown Seattle. I saw it listed in DeliciousBaby, and chose it because they allow both children and pets. The room with shared bath suited our budget, and it turns out we were the only ones there that night! Breakfast in the morning was lovely and Chloe got to gorge herself on handfuls of her favorite, fresh blueberries.

An early evening stroll through pike’s place market

View from the pensione

On Sunday we did a little exploring in the Ballard Neighborhood, stopping first at the highly recommended Cafe Besalu for a bite of the best leek gruyere quiche I’ve ever tasted. After that it was an engaging experience at the Ballard Locks, watching the water level drop to let the boats pass through. While we were there we also witnessed a bizarre occurance of a boat getting wedged sideways in the lock, but it wasn’t long until the workers freed it and sent it on its way.

By noon we had stopped at the Honore Artisan Bakery where I ordered a French Macaron in every flavor as a decadent birthday treat for us to share. Then it was on to the Farmer’s Market, a little (mostly) window shopping, and a late lunch at the nearby India Bistro before it was time to head home during Chloe’s afternoon nap.

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