Date Night

David and I went on our first “date” since Chloe was born last night. I thought it was going to be weird, going somewhere without the baby.  Instead it felt fine, especially knowing that Chloe was having fun, safe at home with Grandma Sandy. We had dinner at Lovely Hula Hands and then went for dessert at Papa Haydn.

Getting dessert at Papa Haydn is one of my very favorite things to do in Portland. They have an entire menu of only desserts, and it is always so hard to narrow it down to one. I finally decided on the Autumn Meringue (swiss meringues layered with chocolate mousse and pot de creme, wrapped in ribbons of chocolate) and David chose the Boccone Dolce, which was basically the white version of mine (swiss meringues drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate, layered with fresh fruit and chantilly cream) and we didn’t even consult each other. Paired with two Illy lattes, it was a little slice of heaven.


Handmade Valentine Cards (a personal swap)

This year for Valentine’s Day I asked David for just one thing, a handmade (by him) Valentine’s card. No chocolates, or flowers, or store-bought card. Just a little of his personal time and effort. And I promised not to judge him. That whatever he chose to make would be just fine. I really meant that. And in return, I would make him a handmade card, too.

Look at this beauty. I would never have expected this in a million years. It looks like a rolled up piece of paper in the photo, but it is actually a little cylindrical box made of heavy paper, secured by a red thread around two eyelets. About 4 inches across.

This is what it looks like inside – surprise! Filled with little strips of pink paper, each with a word on one side and the matching design from the container on the other. Words like love, forever, we, you, mine, desire, romantic, emily, david, always. I could re-arrange the little strips into many different combinations. Pretty and clever. I’m clearly blown away.

This is the card that I made for David. He really loves to flyfish. On our drive back from the coast on my birthday, we stopped at a tiny scrapbooking shop in the seaside town of Gearhart, where I picked up my first collection of brads. That’s right. Before making this card I was a Brad Virgin. I don’t know why I waited – they’re so fun! Such a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. I purchased these little fish, the dragonfly, and the heart paperclips, chosen individually out of tiny drawers. They worked perfectly for this card. The writing on top says “Fishin’ for your love.” The little fish hooks are made of staples I bent with needle-nosed pliers. The inside reads “…and now I’m hooked on you! Happy Valentine’s Day!” embellished with two red heart eyelets.

I’m so proud of us.


If that's what motivates you

A couple days ago David announced during breakfast that he was “scheduling a meeting” at 11 o’clock for us to take care of some lingering tax documents and business paperwork. As I’ve mentioned before, these are things we procrastinate on every year. I reluctantly agreed, and then (typically) put it out of my mind. I was in the backyard when David stepped outside onto the deck at 11:05am to tell me that the meeting has already started and would I please join him? And get this… he was completely showered, shaved and fully dressed in his best suit and tie! A dramatic difference from our daily uniform of jeans and tee shirts. To see him make such an effort (for humor? or motivation?) really cracked me up. But, I did follow him into the office and we proceeded to take care of every related task on our list.


Look what I got!

sewing machine

This week I was shocked to receive a very large, very heavy UPS delivery that contained this BRAND NEW SEWING MACHINE! Turns out it was an early Christmas gift from my in-laws!!! In all fairness they did warn me a “package” was coming and sent me the tracking number, but still! After my initial astonishment I bounced around the house like a crazy person, clapping my hands like a gleeful little girl just presented with her first pony. Luckily my husband had the presence of mind to suggest I call and thank them right away.

I’ve had it now for a few days and I still shake my head in wonder when I see it. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have not used it yet. Part of the reason is that the two craft projects I’ve been working on the past few days required only hand-stitching. The other part is because I’m a little scared of it. I started reading the manual the day I got it, so I kind of get it. How fun will it be to have all those cool stitches and fancy feet available? Later today I’m going to tackle the next small sewing project on my list, so we’ll see how it goes. It’s bound to be easier than sewing with the old Sears Roebuck and Co. Kenmore that I’ve been using! 🙂