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Mid-February Update

Well, it’s been a while since my last post. Sometimes I find it hard to start back up, so I thought I’d just bite the bullet with some random updates…

  • We finally broke ground on our addition a couple days ago (the 17th). Unfortunately the wet weather combined with our softened clay ground caused lots of problems for the excavation vehicles. Our only option to move forward was to pay extra for gravel to be delivered and spread along the side of the house as a make-shift driveway. Not what we wanted to hear during the first (and second) day of the project, but we’re still optimistic that other parts of the construction will move on as planned.
  • At twenty-three weeks pregnant I’ve already gained 20 pounds. Sigh.
  • David caught a wild steelhead while fishing the Necanicum a couple weeks ago. He was so happy, and I was touched that he thought to call and tell me about it right afterwards while the excitement was still fresh. Trout has been his specialty, but he’s found steelheading much more challenging, and his perseverance is paying off.

  • Chloe has enjoyed several special outings outside of her usual classes this week, including a fun toddler Valentine’s Day party hosted by Lorenzo’s grandmother, a mid-week mother-daughter lunch at Noah’s Bagels, and a fun ride on the Jantzen Beach carousel with her friend Anjali, followed by a chocolate ice cream cone all to herself.


Weekend Bits

:: I just finished reading the leaked copy of Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer (of Twilight fame). I came upon it by accident on Goodreads and then found a copy on her official website.

:: Chloe’s potty is finally getting some action. One poop (2nd time ever) and then later a pee (the first!) on the same day. Again with the disturbed reaction with the former, but I was prepared this time. Plus Daddy was here to add encouragement afterward.

:: Went on a nice family walk this weekend from the Wetlands at Durham Wastewater through Cook Park and Tupling Butterfly Garden to the Ki-a-kuts Bridge over the Tualatin River. Seeing the kayakers brought back memories of when David and I learned to kayak back in college. I’d like to do it again someday.

:: On that same walk David spotted this little praying mantis. Aren’t they so alien and fascinating looking?

:: Have you tried Diana’s Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas? I saw them at our local New Seasons and picked up a box. Had a hard time deciding between the milk chocolate with nuts or the dark chocolate dipped. Which do you think I chose?

:: Want to make your own frozen chocolate bananas? Here’s a recipe to try.

:: Angry Birds is fun. And addictive.

:: David surprised us with Zucchini Bread this week. He made a second batch yesterday. It’s delicious, and a great way to use up some of our garden zucchini. I’ll share his recipe in the next post!


Today’s Randomness

:: At the gas station this morning, a guy in a new BMW 650i convertible pulled up next to me. I over heard him ask the gas station attendant for $14 of super-premium gas (btw, in Oregon, it is illegal to pump your own gas). Then he proceeds to ask the low-wage attendant if the gas there was any good. Not watered-down is it?

:: On the way to the store, I saw a license plate that said SIMRDN.

:: At the store I paid $5.99 for an ice cube tray, because David really wanted one and it was all they had. Granted, it came with a lid, but $5.99 for a molded piece of plastic?

:: At that same store, I saw a woman shopping with three kids. The boy was sitting in the shopping cart, the younger girl was sitting on the cart’s seat, and the baby was in a carrier on the mom’s chest. All three were calm and content, so much so, that the mom was also able to talk on her cell phone. I almost stopped for a second just to stare in admiration. But I couldn’t, because my one daughter was feeling fussy and constantly trying to climb out of the cart seat. It was all I could do to handle one toddler while shopping, but three? What’s her secret?

:: Later in the afternoon there was a knock at our door. It was our neighbor and her boys pulling their little red wagon behind them. They had picked blueberries off their bush and was going around “delivering” bowls of some of their harvest. Isn’t that the sweetest thing? Thanks to them we had a berry rhubarb crisp for dessert tonight!


A Strange Halloween

David fishing with Chloe, loved the reflection and the misty clouds

David in action on the water and me experimenting with exposure

David took this last photo, but I really liked it

We had a very out-of-the-ordinary day yesterday, beyond the fact that it was Halloween. It included:

• a long drive to go fishing
• wading in to retrieve a kicked off baby shoe, followed by a sock
• feeding my daughter lunch with a Wheat Thin because I forgot a spoon
• hiking in the woods
• finding a surprise batch of gorgeous mushrooms
• eating dinner at a restaurant
• having the power go out halfway through our meal
• gathering our things, including the baby, in the dark
• remembering I had a headlamp in the diaper bag
• having to wait over an hour because of a car accident that downed powerlines and closed the road (see aforementioned power outtage)

We finally arrived home at 11pm, very tired and too late for tricker-treaters, but  VERY glad to be home!


Stuff About Me

Speaking of random, I thought this photo would be suitable here. It is only a portion of a sea of shopping carts all stacked together one morning on a visit to Ikea. This was as many as I could fit in my camera frame, but there were lots more.

Well, I’ve been tagged by Pina to share 7 random things about myself. I think its been long enough since the last one, so I’ll give it a try. I find these pretty hard to do, partially because I don’t want to repeat myself (which I’m sure I’ll do anyway) and partially because I have a hard time coming up with anything very interesting. But anyway, here goes…

1. I am so bad at remembering to water the household plants. I have a small potted gardenia on the window sill by my computer and I won’t notice how badly it needs water until it becomes so wilted and sad that I’ll think I’ve killed it this time for sure. But somehow, it always perks back up almost good as new (except for the handful of inevitable brown and yellow leaves).

2. My favorite kinds of flowers are happy and showy, usually richly colored with one main bloom per stalk – like dahlias, gerbera daisies, ranunculas, and the like. The very opposite of my husband who likes dainty little flowers that come in tiny sprays or clusters.

3. I love chocolate milkshakes. Even better are chocolate malts. There was a time where I absolutely could not leave a restaurant without ordering a chocolate malt if it was on the menu, even if I wasn’t really hungry. My current favorite shake is from a nearby chocolatier called Moonstruck who makes an amazing Chocolate Old Fashioned, complete with a dark chocolate coin garnishing the top of the whipped cream. Delicious!

4.I am 5′ 3″. It used to really bother me when I was a kid, but now I never think about it. I come from a very short family. My mom is 5′ and my dad is 5’4″. I’m not sure about my sister, but I think she is somewhere around 4′ 10″.

5. I do not like to exercise, although I enjoy walking. Actually, its not that I don’t like to exercise, but I find going to the gym boring and I’m not good at motivating myself to do things that I like more, like riding my bike, especially when its so cold outside.

6. I still have problems telling left from right, too. I still make the “L” shapes with my thumb and index finger of each hand and look down to see which actually makes a true “L” for “Left.”

7. My first real pet (as in, given to me by my parents, not found in the backyard or caught in a stream somewhere) was a hamster. I named her Lady, and she was a pale golden beige with white on her chest. I could watch her for hours. My favorite was when she’d clean her face and fur with her dainty little paws.

Wow, I actually thought of 7. Whew! Forgive me, but I’m not going to tag anyone else, for now, but I’ll send out a random tag to anyone who is interested in sharing. I’ll certainly be interested in reading, so let me know!

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