Hi! Just thought I’d check in, considering my deplorable lack of posts! Although it doesn’t always feel like it, we are actually making progress around here. This week, for example, included some landscaping, flower and vegetable gardening, a bit more painting, the final grouting/sealing/caulking of our master shower tile (all not easy with a huge 33 week belly!), and the beginning of our professional heat pump installation.

Do you have a heat pump? It was a big decision for us, deciding between a gas furnace or an electric heat pump. Our original house was fine with a couple of baseboards, but we knew we needed something better for our new space. In the end, we decided to go with the efficiency of the heat pump, especially since electricity in our area is pretty affordable compared to a lot of places. Plus the installation company gave us a deal on a refurbished unit. I hope it was the right decision.

Also partially complete is the hook-up of the Ikea Braviken Sink and Godmorgon Sink Cabinet for our master bath. It has been a real challenge for David to connect it with plumbing. He’s had to do some serious jerry-rigging due to the unusual european-style piping of the shallow double sink and having to adjust for the position of our under-sink electrical outlet.

Last weekend, Chloe also passed a major milestone – having the side-rail removed from her crib to make it a toddler bed. We probably could have left it on for longer, since she has really never tried to climb over the bar, but it seemed inevitable at almost 2 and a half. The month we were in DC she slept in the same room with me, and then when we returned to Oregon we moved her crib into our room while Grandma and Grandpa Feldkamp could have her room while they were visiting (which was AWESOME by the way). When it was time to put her back in her own room, it seemed like a good time to make the switch. I’m proud to report an almost seamless transition. My little big girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

Home Addition by Alex Freddi Contstruction, LLC.

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Dear Chloe, 9 months old

A little grass never hurt anyone… right?

Dear Chloe,

Today you are 9 months old. What a milestone! Nine months ago you were born, and nine months before that you were barely two cells joined together. And now look at you, sweeter that a summer peach and apple of your mama’s eye.

These days you are bounding around like a curious and troublesome puppy. You crawl everywhere, like a magnet drawn to everything we wish you wouldn’t play with. You pull yourself to a stand on anything that will support you. It started with a diaper box left in your play area (read: living room), but now you just use it to dangle over on your tummy. Sadly, falls and tumbles are par for the course. Sometimes you land safely on your bottom, but other times you land hard, bumping your head and making the whole house shake. I cringe. You cry. I always want to comfort you, but I’ve found on light tumbles that you recover quicker on your own. It is a fine line, treading between your fledgling independence and my desire to protect you from everything.

I don’t need the box anymore, I can use the sofa now.

Your diet is steadily becoming more varied, but I worry that you don’t seem to eat or drink enough. This month you’ve tasted green beans, turkey, blueberries, broccoli, cottage cheese, apricots, wheat, barley, brown rice, cantaloupe and grapes. You’ve even begun finger foods! Besides diced fruit, frozen wild blueberries and crumbled egg yolk, you love puffs, baby mum-mums, and yogurt melts. You still have no teeth.

I guess I’ll also mention that you’ve had a few food-related incidences this month, too. That time you found an m&m on the floor, which Daddy caught you eating, and just yesterday when the dog didn’t eat his food right away. I was prying the kibble out of your clenched fists when I realized your jaw was working. You must have popped a piece into your mouth before I got there. Horrified, I hooked it out with my finger and immediately yelled for your father, while breaking out in a cold sweat at the same time.

Yes, but I don’t know what thorns.

This past month we enrolled you in a baby pool class. At first, you didn’t know what to think and were pretty skeptical. Then you decided it is a lot of fun (as long as you get a good nap beforehand). This is an activity where Papa really shines. He’s taken you several times, all by himself, so mama could have a precious hour of alone time. This month you’ve also tried a couple Gymboree classes, which you also love.

Pool class is fun!

You are realizing a lot more now รขโ‚ฌโ€œ how the paper bin is so fun to tip over, that there is water to play with in the dog bowl, that the light switch next to your changing table makes a pleasant snapping sound and can turn the lights on and off. Your daddy has taught you several things, too, like how to “sing” in the toy microphone that amplifies your voice, and how to clap, which you do spontaneously on occasion (but rarely when we want to show our friends).

I can stand up! Now what?

You’re quite a clever little girl, and keep us on our toes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Chloe’s 9-month specs: 26.75″ lengths (25%) | 17″ head (25%) | 15lbs 10oz weight (5%)

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