A good day

Despite having even less sleep than usual for the past three nights due to extra fussy baby, today turned out to be really great. Took the kids on a successful outing to the zoo. While there Chloe used a public restroom for the first time with help from this which I picked up from a yard sale for $1. Anyway, she is doing awesome, and even napped today in her big girl underwear for the first time. Looking back, this process wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be once I made the decision to give it my full attention. Although, this may still be the honeymoon period, so I best not count my chickens…

Currently reading: Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five. I came across this interesting paragraph where the author talks about the importance of relationships:

When I lecture on the science of young brains, the dads (it’s almost always the dads) demand to know how to get their kids into Harvard. The question invariably angers me. I bellow, “You want to get your kid into Harvard? You really want to know what the data say? I’ll tell you what the data say! Go home and love your wife!”

Fascinating! Although, when I told my husband this when he got home, he replied that that must mean our children will be going to community college. Boo.

Here is something else I found out today – this blog made Babble’s list of Top 50 Mom Craft Blogs 2011! How’s that for crazy? I had gotten an email a while back saying I was nominated, but I didn’t realize the result. And within that listing, my blog also ranks #8 in the Best for Moms Category. Well, I’m so honored. Thanks! šŸ™‚


Toilet Training the Toddler

Its potty training time for Chloe. For real this time. I’ve enrolled her into a swim class for late fall that doesn’t allow swim diapers. Yikes!

Chloe has been able to pee in the potty off and on since she was 18 months old, but she’s not consistent. That is my fault, because I haven’t been consistent. Honestly, it was easier to have her in diapers, especially while I was pregnant and then had a brand new baby in the house. Now I’m doing constant reminders to get her to go. Once in the bathroom, she goes almost every single time. It is getting her in there that is tricky. We’re doing a sticker chart and “something special” (m&ms, jelly beans, a marshmallow, whatever) every two successful attempts. We’re reading books like “Big Girls Use the Potty!” and “Once Upon a Potty (girl),” and “Time to Pee!,” but I just can’t motivate her to want to be completely diaper-free. Even worse, sometimes she stalls bedtime by sitting on the chair for so long saying she is going to go, or wants to go in the wee hours of the morning. OMG. I already get so little sleep.

Recently I found this site that says to “transfer all responsibility to your child” and “stop all reminders about using the toilet” because “she needs to gain the feeling of success that comes from doing it her way.” That has a ring of truth about it, but if I don’t remind her she ends up having an accident. Sigh. So I think this weekend I’ll phase out the reminders and just see what happens. Fingers crossed.

Note: Yesterday we were out all morning so there aren’t as many green dots because I let her wear a pull-up. Today (pink dots) it is still morning. Half a day yet to go. We’re using dots because they are cheap and I don’t have to wait while she decides which one she wants. Sometimes she’ll ask for one and we’ll put it on the back of her hand as a visual reminder. The Paul Frank Stickers are for going #2 in the potty.

I made the chart we’re using, but you can find a whole bunch to try for girls, for boys and here.


To Potty or Not to Potty, continued…

(continued from previous post)

Ah, the fourth day. I guess I need not tell you how jumpy I was everytime I thought I smelled a little something, or if Chloe said anything that even sounded like “poopy”. I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity like I did the day before. However, this led to several uneventful trips to sit on the potty, especially after Chloe realized she could just say it and I’d practically race her to the bathroom. But it was all for naught. She didn’t go poopy even once that day. I mean, what are the chances?

Then there was the fifth day. Similar thing – she’d say it and we’d both run into the bathroom. Nothing. I gave her a squeeze packet of Plum Organics Just Prunes to see if it would help. That is one thing about the new vitamin/iron supplement. It sort of backs up the works. Good thing the doctor warned me to have prunes and pears on hand. Well, the prunes did their job. Chloe came to me and said “Mama!”, but then… nothing.

I said “Chloe, are you poopy?”

She replied “Poopy!”

“Do you want to go poopy in the potty?” I asked.


“Are you sure? Let’s go poopy in the potty!” and I try and usher her toward the bathroom.


“C’mon honey, let’s just try…”

“No, no!” Obstinate stance. Disgruntled look.

And there you have it. After all that, she did not want to go poopy in the potty. Can you imagine?! So much for thinking I might be getting off easy. But, then again, I do think she is too young (her little legs don’t even reach the ground when sitting properly on the chair). Plus, I’m not ready to deal with public toilets and needing to go once we’re away from home. Speaking of that, we’ll be leaving shortly for a two week trip to Colorado, so the timing is certainly not ideal. Maybe we’ll try again in another few months, or when Chloe turns two.

I’ll let you know how it goes. šŸ™‚


To potty, or not to potty – that is the question

Is Chloe to young to start potty training? That is a question I’ve been asking myself lately. For the past three days in a row, Chloe has come to me and said “Poopy!” and then I’ve watched her bear down and go (in her diaper). The first day it came as a big surprise. The second day, I was surprised again, yet prepared to act excited and pleased. The third morning, I went out and bought a new potty. I had no expectations, but thought I might as well be prepared.

The third day was yesterday. When Chloe came to tell me, well, let’s just say I could have handled it better. First, I waited too long, but I wanted to be sure. Then, when I was sure, I took her to the bathroom, tried to whip off her diaper, and sit her on the seat. Unfortunately, one side of the diaper got stuck. There was already poop in it (because I waited), and I had to use the other hand to keep it inside (and limit the smear factor). Anyway, I was too late and it was awkward for both of us. Doubly so when I finally got the diaper off and Chloe reached her hand to see what was going on where her diaper had been. Yuck. Chloe looked at her browned fingers and learned a new word: “Dirty!”.

No pooping was done in the potty that day. And Chloe was out running around with her daddy the second time she went. I’ll have to remember to ask if she warned him, too.

Today is the fourth day.

Will she be as consistent today? She sure loves sitting on her new potty and has since randomly said “Poopy!” several times yesterday in reference to the chair. Will I be faster? Should I even try? What if she does (miraculously) learn to poopy in the potty, doesn’t that mean that I’ll have to find a potty whenever she needs to go? If I told her to go in her diaper, wouldn’t that be sending a mixed message? On one hand, I’m pleased she’s begun to recognize her bodily functions, but on the other hand it adds a complication that I don’t feel ready for.

I also have a confession to make. I already had a potty that I bought on craigslist soon after Chloe was born (top left image). I really liked the modern design of it, but it was used a little harder than I originally thought and I never cleaned it like I knew I should. It is sitting in our shed. Then, a friend recommended aƂĀ  sit-on-top model, actually a 3-in-one, that was working well for her son, and I thought that might be better (center image). So that is what I bought. Now we have two (or three, really, because I couldn’t decide and bought a third one, too, which I plan on returning. I’m such a dork.).

So, that is where I am. Now I wait to see what today might bring for poopy time…

Note: Babies R Us is currently offering $3 off all potty chairs over $20, plus an extra $5 off if you get the coupon book.

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