Happy Mother’s Day!

Mommies are good for…
lots of neat things,
Like kissing your boo-boos
and pushing slow swings.
For fixing you breakfast.
For hugging you tight.
And for reading your
favorite story just right.
For making you smile
(when you feel like a pout)
And for knowing exactly
what loves all about…
Yep, mommies are good
for a whole lot, it’s true.
And no mommy’s better for me…
than you.

(just sharing from a lovely Hallmark card sent by my sister, Katherine)

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The Little Brown Moth

brown moth

I found this little moth clinging to
the outside window by my desk.
I have no idea why she chose
that particular place to rest,
but I quickly grabbed my camera
and put its macro setting to the test.

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