Spring Tunic

I did it! My first top! And just in time, too, to enter Spring Top Week.

This was the most challenging sewing project I have ever completed. It is the Baby Doll Tunic from the book Sew Teen. As I mentioned before, I thought it was strange that I couldn’t find a single reference to anyone making this top. Now I know why – several key measurements and details in the instructions are incorrect. I know this because I followed them step-by-step, and the first top I made was wildly out of proportion. So much for “the perfect guide for first-time sewers”! I was pretty disappointed at first, but after putting it away for a few days I decided to take it apart and try to figure it out on my own, with much better results! Despite the setbacks, I learned a lot, and am glad I gave it another try. 🙂

Notes about the pattern: Despite specifying the “bust measurement” (and showing how to measure for it), this particular pattern is actually asking for the underbust/ribcage measurement. Big difference! I also noticed other instances – like writing 10 “centimeters” instead of 10 “millimeters”, and having certain steps and diagrams out of order. I couldn’t understand attaching the bias-binding at all, so I just had to figure it out from the photos. I also chose to use 3/4″ elastic and made the ties a tad thinner.



Ever since making this Blossom Blouse for Chloe, I’ve been thinking about making a top for myself. I already have the fabric, but I can’t seem to make up my mind on which top to make. There is a surprising amount of factors that weigh on this decision. For example, I’d rather not buy a pattern for this initial attempt. I’d also like it to be easy enough to muddle through with minimal frustration, in a style I’d actually wear, and look decent with the large floral print of the fabric I’ve chosen. And so on.

A few contenders right now are this Spring Ruffle Top Tutorial, the Strapless Belted Tunic from One-Yard Wonders, and the Baby Doll Tunic from Sew Teen (laugh if you want). Also, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the 2010 Spring Top Week entries – the three pictured above are a few styles I could see wearing myself (in different prints). I guess I need to get sewing if I want to enter my own!

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