Handmade camera accessories

I love to see the creative things people sew for cameras. At one time I was all proud of myself for sewing this camera strap cover, but that was peanuts compared to the beautiful patchwork versions from House on Hill Road. The blue one in colorway thirty-six is my favorite.

And check out these SLR camera covers by Pixbag. Talk about stylish.

Then there are Lens Pets by Mandee Franee – perfect for anyone taking photos of children. I’d smile if I saw these, too. What do you think? Over the top or just really fantastic?

(Thanks to greenclogs for the facebook shout out about the straps, and to my husband for sending the camera cover link).


Patchwork shoes

I’ve really been loving all things patchwork lately, which is why I couldn’t pass up a sale on these patchwork shoes. Who thought to mix asian-style embroidered satin with the plaid wool and brown leather? They’re even quiet (no tapping sounds with each step like hard soles). Now I finally have a slightly more lady-like third pair of comfortable shoes to rotate between my everyday not-so-good-looking but very serviceable brown and black Dankos.

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