Orange Leaf

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There is so much I’d like to be writing and sharing right now – Chloe turning 14-months-old(!), getting paid to photograph my first product shoot(!), drumming up the courage to submit photos for consideration in a juried art exhibit(!), working on a graphic design project for a service to benefit the low-income, elderly, and the environment(!) – but for some reason, I can’t seem to pin down my thoughts on any of those things right now, so instead…

I’ll mention our recent trip to the mall :-). We were so bored with the rain yesterday, and with Chloe bouncing off the walls we hoped it would at least be a dry place for her to burn some energy. I could also get my “free birthday gift” from Sephora, and David wanted to look at pearl earrings to replace one I lost (the original pair was the first jewelry gift he ever gave me, over 15 years ago. You can imagine how my heart broke just a little when I looked in the mirror to find one missing).

Anyways, no luck at Sephora (they were out right now), and none of the pearl earrings we saw were quite right (the original ones were so perfect!), but we did check out a new self-serve frozen yogurt bar called Orange Leaf. I admit I was drawn into the bright and modern design of this little shop, and for 39 cents an ounce it was a decent deal.

The cheesecake was our favorite. It was one of two “low-fats” in a sea of “non-fats,” and where skinny-mini Chloe is concerned, more fat is better. Along with traditional toppings, they had some unusual options like a gummy rice flour candy popular in Asia that I had never heard of. There was a lot of fruit to choose from, too, including fresh options like mango and blueberries, which I got for Chloe. After the first cold bite, where she squinched her face up, she kept saying “more?” “more?” until the bowl was empty. A pretty healthy choice as far as mall food. And the crazy thing? I loved the spoons! They are orange and very modern shaped. Like contoured little shovels. I should take a picture. Anyway, we got two and we’re going to keep them (although they are biodegradable) for when we’re on the go. Cute and yummy!

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Easy Halloween Fun on a Mac

inverted mac screenshot

Want to have a little fun by dressing up your mac in orange and black for Halloween (and giving your co-workers and boss a good scare in the process)? Here’s how:

1. Click on System Preferences in your dashboard (the silver rectangle icon with the apple logo on the right and a light switch on the left).

2. Click on Universal Access, shown near the bottom right corner, in the “System” catagory.

3. Now click the radio button for White on Black under the “Display” catagory.

This will automatically “invert” the colors on your screen. For example, anything that was once white, will now be black. If you want to change your desktop color to invert to orange, like the picture above, you have to start with a blue background (because blue inverts to orange).

To do this go to “System Preferences” and choose “Desktop & Screen Saver” near the top under the Personal catagory. Then choose any blue background under “Apple Images.” Repeat the steps above to “invert” and then show off your spooky computer.

To change back, simply click again on the “Black on White” radio button under Universal Access.

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