Picking up the pieces of a real life mess

This is what I caught the kids doing earlier this morning. Actually, it was Chloe who came to me to let me know something was up. Turns out Leo climbed into Chloe’s closet, pulled down the jar of Pyssla beads, unscrewed the lid, and dumped handfuls out all over the floor.

A pretty big mess, as you can see.

This son of mine… don’t let that innocent looking face fool you. Only a year and a half old, but he gets into EVERYTHING. He is his father’s son, for sure. A real problem solver, always trying to figure out how things work and what they do. Right now he loves things that have moving parts or pieces that work together  – latches, drawers, door knobs, lids… I’m sure throwing all those colorful beads around must have been quite a reward for a job well done.

I’ve known for a while now that I need to find a way to lock that closet. The last time he was in there he drew on the walls with marker. Just this week I installed latches for the hallway drawers after the internal latches failed to keep out little hands. How can such a little boy, who barely talks, be this capable? And why do I continue to underestimate him?

For now, I guess I need to install more locks!


My little mischief maker

Chloe is a bonafide mischief maker. Like any nineteen-month-old she’s curious and active, so a little bit of mischief is to be expected. But lately, I’m beginning to wonder if she isn’t a little over the top…

Take this photo for instance. You can see that mealtimes are one of our biggest challenges. Those toddler bowls that are supposed to suction to the tray? They don’t work very well. The mess itself is bad, but I really wish she wouldn’t rub the food in her hair.

You may have seen this photo before, or read this post about how Chloe has a thing for bras. I like this “Oops you caught me again” look on her face.

However, it doesn’t stop her from giving chase when asked to hand them over.

And this one takes the cake. Somehow she found a packet in the bathroom, peeled the paper off and stuck it on her shirt. I kid you not. Imagine my utter astonishment when she came running out to show me. OMG! It’s almost like she knows!

I ask you, is this what you would call a normal amount of mischief?!


The messy desk

Old photo taken in June, during a particularly messy phase

I spend a lot of time at my desk. A lot. I communicate here, organize several aspects of my life here, surf the internet, write, pay the bills, process photos, create things, and yes, I occasionally do actual work here. From home, lucky me.

The problem is that this space gets so MESSY! Piles of “stuff” accrue like flies on a cowpie and suddenly I’m pushing debris out of the way so I can have just a few inches of space to move my mouse, or write one more post-it note. Sometimes there are plates or glasses that linger here, dried food and crumbs half hidden by my monitor. Sometimes a pile of library books obscures one of the surviving plants and I’ll barely notice it gasping for water just in time. It is a constant struggle. And honestly, I LOVE when my desk is clean, it just takes so much time. Not surprisingly I usually try to ignore it until there is nothing left but chaos, but even then the thought of cleaning it fills me with such dread that I simply leave it for another day. Or month.

What is weird is that I’ve kept every other desk I’ve had (where I’ve worked out of the home) neat and organized. Just not this one.

Right now, it is almost clean. I’ve been trying all day to finish the job, but it gets really hard with the last odds and ends. The two spools of thread, the pin cushion, the crazy glue, ear plugs, mittens, copy of Saveur, an old camera battery, bobby pins, empty glass of milk, waldorf lantern, water bottle, camera, connector cord, several pieces of jewelry, a sanitary pad, postcard about an art exhibit I’d like to submit to, my wallet, the business checkbook, a piece of wasps nest, sections off a greeting card to reuse, a Wet Ones packet, an oak leaf, pattern pieces, reciepts, paperwork… all this and more – and this is after I’ve cleaned up 99.5% of the desk.

So, why am I writing this? Just to procrastinate more, I guess. Or to guilt myself into completing the task. I know its pitiful. But now that I’ve gotten this far, and said this much, I know I need to finish, if just to keep a shred of self-respect. Right now. I’m putting the computer to sleep and not turning it back on until my desk is clean.

Thirty minutes later… Success!

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