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This and That: Links Worth Sharing

Kale Soup with carrots and beans

Friday is finally upon us! I have some amazing reads worth sharing this week. You may have already seen them from my twitter feed, but each of these ring with truths that have me shaking my head. And a couple are sure to make you laugh.

First, though, I wanted to share a recipe for Kale Soup. I tried it at my wonderful friend Greta’s house this past weekend and it was so good! Hearty and healthy with only basic prep and cooking time. I don’t have her exact recipe, but I was able to make it up from what I remembered. It is a lot like the one shown above from The Curvy Carrot, except with garbanzo beans and no cream. I also threw in some some turkey meatballs that I had from the freezer. This made a delicious lunch the next day (instagram photo here) and even the kids ate some!

 This post was my favorite read this week – about the four bases of a mom-to-mom relationship, amusingly called a ‘mom-lationship’.

Don’t miss reading The Sad Reality About Life as Adults, a Wake-up Call for Kids. The comparison chart had me laughing out loud!

And lastly, you have probably already seen this video of Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches, but just in case you missed it:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Mums and Kale for Fall Color

David and I went to Home Depot recently to find some new flowers for the little patch of garden next to the front steps. In the background is an old garden rose, but we’ve designated the front area for annual “color spots,” that we could have fun with and not spend a fortune. Usually we try only to buy perennials, except with our vegetable garden.

For Fall we’ve decided to go with gorgeous and cheery ‘Rhapsody’ garden mums paired with ‘Kamome Red’ ornamental kale. Instead of red, the heart of the kale actually looks more purple/magenta which is similar to the color of the mums. I love the balance of flowers to foliage and the contrasting textures. I feel very grown up for choosing this combination. I think a lot of people dismiss ornamental cabbages and kales as ugly or boring, but this pairing really brings out the beauty and uniqueness in both.

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