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Mid-February Update

Well, it’s been a while since my last post. Sometimes I find it hard to start back up, so I thought I’d just bite the bullet with some random updates…

  • We finally broke ground on our addition a couple days ago (the 17th). Unfortunately the wet weather combined with our softened clay ground caused lots of problems for the excavation vehicles. Our only option to move forward was to pay extra for gravel to be delivered and spread along the side of the house as a make-shift driveway. Not what we wanted to hear during the first (and second) day of the project, but we’re still optimistic that other parts of the construction will move on as planned.
  • At twenty-three weeks pregnant I’ve already gained 20 pounds. Sigh.
  • David caught a wild steelhead while fishing the Necanicum a couple weeks ago. He was so happy, and I was touched that he thought to call and tell me about it right afterwards while the excitement was still fresh. Trout has been his specialty, but he’s found steelheading much more challenging, and his perseverance is paying off.

  • Chloe has enjoyed several special outings outside of her usual classes this week, including a fun toddler Valentine’s Day party hosted by Lorenzo’s grandmother, a mid-week mother-daughter lunch at Noah’s Bagels, and a fun ride on the Jantzen Beach carousel with her friend Anjali, followed by a chocolate ice cream cone all to herself.
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