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Chloe’s first haircut

I’m getting a little bit of spring fever. The weather has been unusually mild and not as grey this year, but I’d love for it to warm up just a little. It would save so much time, too. For some reason, in my house, it takes a full 15 minutes to get jackets, socks, shoes and a bag together for the three of us.

Chloe got her first salon haircut today. I thought it would be kind of fun, but it was sort of meh. We’ll probably try somewhere else next time. Meanwhile I have cleaned up lines to guide me on trimming for a while. I got a much needed haircut of my own last week (half price thanks to Groupon). I am definitely going back to that stylist. Now there is less for Leo to pull, not that that deters him in the slightest.



I finally gave Chloe her first “real” haircut. “Real” meaning all the way around and not just a bang trim. It was a little bittersweet. At almost 3 years-old she’s hardly grown enough hair to cut, but it was getting a bit too ragged around the edges (see photo from previous post). She’d also get knots and tangles in the back from going to bed with her hair still damp. Afterward I gave her a princess tiara. Naturally she responded “Can I have a haircut again? Now?” I wish I would have gotten a better photo, but she’s on to me, and when she saw the camera come out the little stinker started running away. I’m happy that at least she sat still for the cut!

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