Hello from DC!

Chloe in the sand box

Hello from the DC area! Chloe and I have been here a little
over a week, visiting with my parents and sister. It’s been quite
cold here, and silly me, I didn’t bring our warmer coats, so our
outings have been somewhat limited. However, that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying the nearby parks and nature center.

Chloe & Grandma, at the Nature Center

I am always amazed every time we visit either set of grandparents, how Chloe just blossoms from all the love and attention. I get to watch from my rare position on the sideline as her vocabulary grows, and her individual personality develops as she interacts with other members of her family that she rarely sees.

Now that Chloe is quite a talker, sometimes I worry that she will pick up bad language habits while she is here. My dad has an endearing, but grammatically incorrect, “baby language” that he uses with her (and Likely used with my sister and I), but so far I haven’t noticed her responding in a similar way. Sometimes it’s good to remind myself to butt out and let Chloe have her own experiences with others, uninterrupted by my motherly instincts. 🙂



Chloe is having a wonderful time with her grandparents. It is obvious she brings them great joy.

My Dad once told me he had almost given up on having a grandchild, and that the day Chloe was born was the happiest day of his life. A few days ago I asked him if this having a grandchild thing was all that he expected it would be. He said “Better. Better than I expected.” I can see that he means it. And my mom, well, I’ve heard her laugh more often this past week than I can remember. And that’s saying a lot.

In a perfect world, Chloe would get to see them and her Aunt Katherine much more than the every six months I’ve been able to bring her so far, only three times in her almost year-and-a-half (although my mom did come to Portland right after she was born). I hope to bring her once more before she turns two, while she can still fly free as a lap child. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue the trend, although having to buy two separate tickets in the future will not be easy on our finances. Yet, I can’t help but feel that being with family, and especially this amount of joy, is truly priceless.

Top photo: Chloe getting a taste of Granpa Bill’s ice cream cone from the pavilion in Old Town Alexandria. Bottom photo: Grandma Mai pushing Chloe on the neighbor’s tricycle.

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Back Home

Loving hands – Chloe holding tight to Grandma Sandy’s finger

We’re back. Both David and I had a wonderful week away in Colorado. Now that we’re home, I feel oddly… bereft. It was just so nice to get away. To take in a different scene. And most of all, to share the responsibility for watching and entertaining Chloe. I think that is what I will miss most – having the freedom to walk away from her, and knowing that she was in capable and loving hands. I felt this way when I returned from Virginia, too. If only our parents lived closer, I think raising baby would be so much easier. As it is, I realize that David and I are still very lucky. We have a strong relationship, and Chloe is not a difficult baby. Plus, Chloe has grandparents who love her very, very much.

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