Iron-On Transfers for Baby

A neighbor friend of mine kindly brought us a bag of baby clothes she scored at a nearby yard sale, including several white onesies. I love the simplicity of plain white on babies, and since there were extra, I though I’d finally use the iron-on transfers I got when Chloe was little. I’m not sure why I left them languishing in my craft drawer, except that maybe I had too much fun doing freezer paper stencils on her little shirts (OMG – looking back at that photo totally makes me laugh about how bald she was!).

I used an iron-on transfer on this shirt for myself, so figured it would be about the same. Well, it was mostly, except that the directions said specifically “let cool completely” before lifting the paper. I didn’t heed that warning however, and tried lifting it off while it was still warm. Ah, Patience! Anyway, I re-ironed and it left only a slight smudge on the one side. Anyway, I learned my lesson and Leo has a fun new shirt!


Basic Maternity

I know pretty much nothing about style and fashion. Either I like the look of something, or I don’t. It is that simple. What is most important to me is comfort. If it isn’t comfortable, I (likely) won’t wear it. My husband often laments that many of his favorite clothes on me end up in the Goodwill pile, because they don’t fit or feel right. And that causes another problem, because sometimes I feel guilty and end up holding on to lots of these things. Meanwhile, they just take up closet space in the hope that I might “someday” wear them again – which pretty much never happens.

Is it just me, or does it seem like there has been an explosion of pregnancies? I see pregnant people everywhere. I have pregnant neighbors, have several pregnancies within my extended family, have friends with pregnant friends, read blogs with pregnant moms… One particular maternity trend that I am seeing a lot of is the super-fitted pants known as “jeggings” (read Melissa’s post here, or Justine’s post here). However, I am firmly in the anti-jegging camp. Give me boot-cut or straight legs any day. Plus, they look better with my daily Danskos. It might be different if I wore flats or dress shoes, but I rarely do, so there you go.

Style aside, I’ll just say that my absolute favorite, most comfortable (and budget-friendly!) maternity outfit right now is the Maternity Roll-Panel Yoga Pants and the Maternity Wrap-Front Fleece Hoodie from Old Navy (shown above). I have a pair of the pants from the last stage of pregnancy with my first child, but I saw them on sale for $15 recently and decided to get another pair, this time a size smaller which feels more comfortable right now. I hesitated on getting the matching hoodie (even though it was also on sale for only $19), since I already own a nice maternity sweater-jacket (like the ivory one shown here, but in black) and a white zip-hoodie, but now I’m glad I bought it. The sweater coat always feels scratchy, and the white one gets dirty so easily (now that I have a toddler to help me with that). Of course, I’m lucky that the little work I do, I can do from home, and really only need to look presentable while running errands, or taking Chloe to classes or playdates. I can only imagine that outside-the-home working moms have it harder, but then again, maybe it is nice to have a reason to shower and get dressed in the morning. For now, I just consider myself lucky to get away with a limited maternity wardrobe.

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It's about (denim) time…

I finally did it. I bought a new pair of jeans to fit the “now” me. I still can’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy pants and I am SO TIRED of wearing maternity pants. They are so ill-fitting that I’m constantly having to pull them up with one hand while holding the baby in the other. I feel like those skater kids who wear their pants so baggy that they’re always showing you their boxers. Or like I have plumber’s butt. And maybe I do, but I don’t want to show it! Actually, I have less than 10 pounds left to go, but it is a lot when it comes to having my old pants fit again. Sigh.

So, on Sunday David watched the baby and I ran over to Ross. I had less than an hour, so I headed straight to the jean section, grabbed my limit in dark wash, mid-rise, boot-cut denim and had a marathon fitting in the dressing room (of course, I also spared 5 minutes for the baby aisle where I found the cutest little brown and white dress with bright blue ric-rac, but I digress…). Eight pairs later I found a few that mostly fit and brought them home. Jeans are just one of those clothing items that are best with a second opinion. Without knowing, David chose the most expensive pair (a half-price DKNY with a little stretch), over the utility Levi’s and the $7.99 Old Navy jeans (ironic, but an actual Old Navy store was only a few doors down). So I finally have a pair that fits. Yay! For now anyway.


The danger of online browsing

Somehow I fell into window shopping online tonight. So dangerous. I just love the fabrics and styles that are coming out right now for fall. Especially in dark or charcoal grey, one of my favorite colors to wear. Oh man. If I had a normal figure right now I would be spending so much money. First of all, check out the awesome dress below from Anthropologie. I hardly ever wear dresses, but I would find a reason to wear this one. Can you imagine? With some tall black boots? Oh boy, I’d feel like a million bucks. Love the shape and pleated asymmetrical details. If I was slightly less sane I would go wild and buy one now, with the hope that someday, after baby is born, I might have a defined waist again.

Echo, Echo Dress

Yes, some really nice things out there. And to be fair, there are some wearable and semi-reasonable maternity finds, too. Like this well-designed coat and sweaters from Old Navy. Quite a surprise to find them there, if you ask me.

From Old Navy Maternity: Wool-Blend Swing Coat, Cable-Knit Crossover Cardigan, Pleated Sweater Coat

I tried the coat on the other day, before David noticed the $88 price tag. Since I mostly work from home, I have no reason to buy a maternity coat that I’ll only wear for a few months. More likely, I’ll be wearing David’s jackets and coats, at least until I can fit into my own again. Sometimes I forget that my body won’t simply bounce back to its pre-pregnancy size the minute baby is born. Luckily I was reminded recently, that I will likely be wearing maternity clothes for at least a couple months after baby. So I guess that is a good enough reason to buy a few nice, warm pieces to supplement my borrowed goods, since there is only so much I can stand of looking like a sack of potatoes. 🙂

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For anyone looking for new (affordable) underwear, check these out. I purchased them at Target last fall, wrote a few sentances, but then never posted them. Maybe I thought it was too risqué to write about panties? Anyway, it was post now or delete. So I’m posting. Not only are these unmentionables comfortable, but they also come in a range of contemporary colors (unlike the boring 6-packs of faded cotton hanes and dated fruit-of-the-loom prints). Best of all, they start out and wash up so small that you can delude yourself into thinking that your bum might actually be that small. Okay, maybe not. But at least it’s less depressing than pulling out old back-of-the-drawer need-to-do-laundry underwear.


Feels Like Cheating

iron on transfew

On a whim, I bought a couple of iron-on transfers the last time I was at Joann’s, just for fun. I wear a lot of plain t-shirts and tend to dress simply. I must have been feeling a little adventurous, because I decided to give one a try.

Both of the transfers I choose were “flocked,” which has a slightly rough, velvet-like feel. One was beige-colored and the other grey. I chose the grey and sacrificed one of my favorite long-sleeve tees. All you do is place the transfer where you want it, paper side up, and iron for about a minute. When it’s cool, you peel the paper away. Instant gratification! Afterwards, you’re supposed to iron the backside, for good measure.

The photo above shows my “updated” shirt (not a bad shot for blindly pointing the camera towards my hip and squeezing the shutter). 🙂

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