I think Chloe has survived the worst of her symptoms, although she is still somewhat snotty and has a (slightly less severe) cough. We’ve even gotten her to ingest something other than Children’s Advil and PediaSure Shakes. Whew. This was the worst sickness she’s had so far, which all-in-all is manageable, since we know others who have had extreme emergency room visits with their sick toddlers. Meanwhile, no classes or activities, probably for the rest of the week, which is a shame, since Chloe loves her dance class.


Just sharing…

I really enjoyed the photography class I took at Newspace. I chose it thinking that I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a full-semester college class, but now I’m kind of sad it’s over. It was a lot of information to digest in only 4 weeks. I understand more now, but at the same time, I don’t really feel that my shooting has improved. Actually, I’m still frustrated a lot of the time. Shooting in manual mode is a challenge. Although I have an idea of what I want my image to look like, I can’t always figure out how to get my camera to do it. There is still so much to learn.

After each class we had homework assignments. I thought I’d share some of them:


Leading Lines
“Leading Lines”


“Tell a story”



“Rule of thirds”

“The future”



Apron Class

Earlier this month I signed up for an apron class at Bolt. I was thinking it would accomplish two things 1) be my first opportunity to learn to read a pattern and 2) produce a holiday gift at the same time. Bolt has other classes I’d like to try eventually, but they all happen to be waitlisted (which makes me wonder why the apron class is not very popular). What I really need is the Zipper clinic, although thanks to Nicolette, who sent me this tutorial link, I think my next attempt will go a bit smoother.

Sally, the instructor for the apron class, recently emailed the two pattern options and the supply list. Ironically, I was standing right behind Sally during the Amy Karol book signing, although I didn’t know it at the time.

Anyway, the apron pattern choices are:

Flirty Skirty or French Flea Market Apron

Neither are quite what I had in mind, but I think I’m going to go with the Flirty Skirty. Its full-size seems more useful and it looks like it comes with a version for a half apron. I’m not too into ruffles, except maybe for a little girl’s apron, and I can’t say I’m into ric-rac either. But the experience is really what I’m looking for.

Aprons sites like these are really getting me inspired:

Tie One On, Olive Juice & Co, Hostess Blog mentioning Anthropologie’s Holiday Aprons, and of course, these aprons from Martha

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