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Christmas (Yuletide) Camellia


Our christmas camellia is beginning to bloom! Must mean we’re getting closer to the big day! This is our first winter with this little bush – we bought it at a local nursery this summer for its glossy evergreen leaves. But seeing the little red beauties with their bright gold stamens pop open at this unexpected time of year is really a treat! Now I wish I had chosen one twice as big! Wouldn’t it be nice to someday dress a holiday table with fresh cuttings straight from the yard? Such a neat way to add to the holiday magic. 🙂



Blossoming signs of spring

From top to bottom: crocus, plum blossoms, camellia

Just thought I’d share some of the blossoming signs of spring that Chloe and I found around the yard a few days ago. 🙂

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