Making Button Earrings

Today I made button earrings. A fast, fun, and affordable way to add new pieces to a jewelry collection. All you need are some buttons, glue and blank earring posts.

To keep the posts secure while working, I stuck them into small rectangles of foam for support. This also allows gravity to help secure the pieces after you apply a drop of glue and then position the button. I’m not a glue expert, so I just used Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue that I have on hand. Let them dry overnight and the next morning you’ll have brand new earrings to play with!

For packaging, I re-used one of the original paperbacks that a set of buttons came on, which then fits perfectly in an old altoids tin.

Correction: Aleene’s Tacky Glue did not work. After peeling off the residue I tried again with Instant Krazy Glue, which provided a much better (hopefully permanent) bond. I’d love to hear if anyone has any other glue suggestions.


Teapot Button

I picked up this button the last time I was at Mill End. I’ve never really been a button person A) because they usually look too old-fashioned, or ornate to me and B) because I don’t know how to sew a button-hole yet. But I browsed the racks on my way out and came across this elegant little teapot novelty button by the German manufacturer Dill Buttons. I actually walked away, twice, but I knew I’d regret it if I came back and it wasn’t there.

The thing is, what am I going to do with it? Where could I put it and make it look like it belongs? Probably not a large project, which would just swallow it (it’s not quite an inch tall). Maybe something asian? And smallish? A clutch, maybe? Or does the teapot shape look too food-y to be put on an accessory? Not to mention I could never carry a clutch. I would put it down and loose it in a heartbeat. So… anyone willing to share some ideas?


The Cutest Little Buttons & Tutorials

I’ve come across the cutest custom button crafts lately. I had no idea they could be so charming and versatile, especially the fabric covered variety. Here are a few of my favorites, plus I’ve included two good tutorial links below:

button paper clips

button pins and magnets

Paper clips (top) and magnets and pushpins from Shim + Sons

The photos above are from Shim+Sons. The button crafts are available in their “shoppe” along with some nicely designed paper goods. I also really enjoy their blog and was pleasantly surprised that they were also Portland-based.

button ponytail holder

button headband

“Sienna Sunrise” ponytail holders (top) and headband from Gazzu

button hair pins

button bookmarks

“Magical Forest” hair pins (top) and “Trip to the zoo” bookmarks by Meeting Streets Designs

Here are links to two really good tutorials, one for fabric covered thumbtacks at How About Orange and a fabric covered button tutorial at Little Thing by Magda K. Both of these ladies are really talented and do amazing work.

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