Camping with the kids

This past weekend we took the kids camping at Nehalem Bay State Park. It was… challenging. Not that it wasn’t worth it… it just… took a lot of effort. There were times we had to remind ourselves that home was less than two hours away and we could leave at any time. But hey, we did it! The kids had a great time playing on the beach both days – soaking up the sun, splashing in the water, flying the kite, and generally getting sand everywhere. The hardest part was in the evening, I think. Of course the kids couldn’t get to sleep on time, were occasionally loud which I worried bothered our fellow campers, and then there were “incidences” – like when Leo jabbed himself in the eye with a fork and I feared that we’d have to rush to the hospital, or when Chloe fell face first into the fire pit, scraping her face, bloodying her nose and getting soot all over herself. And sleeping, well… we only have 3 sleeping bags, so I shared mine with Leo, which was kind of awkward, and I kept waking up all night wondering if he or Chloe was cold.

Anyways, it was a good learning experience (and exercise in patience!). Next time we are going to do what our neighbors are doing this week, and getting a yurt. 🙂
More photos can be seen here.

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A visit to Chesapeake Beach, MD

A couple days ago my dad suggested we take a ride to Chesapeake Beach, a small, charming bayside town a little over an hour from Washington, DC. I hardly remember, but Dad said I had been here before to deep sea fish a long time ago.

It was a perfect day to be out. Sunny blue skies, with barely a hint of crisp October breeze. We started off walking the boardwalk and pier in North Beach. Lots of seagulls and ducks, and a few fisherman throwing there lines into the ocean. Afterward we sat in the shade in front of Sweet Sues, sharing a “To Die For” Brownie (brownie topped with chunky peanut butter and fudge frosting) and sipping coffee. We took our time browsing the gift and souvenir shops until lunchtime, when we headed a little south to Chesapeake Beach.

Someone we had met earlier suggested Abner’s Sea Side Crab House for lunch. Nothing fancy, but the perfect place for tasty deep fried crab balls, crab cakes, hush puppies, and onion rings. Several patrons were doing the all-you-can-eat fresh crab option and it was interesting to see the piles of atlantic blue crabs on their butcher paper covered tables. Later we wandered the wharf, admiring the boats before browsing the Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum. Overall, it was a lovely family outing for a lazy and peaceful autumn afternoon.

Side note: These photos were taken with the iPhone and this was my first attempt at blogging with it, too!

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