Making Appliqued Onesies

A couple weeks ago my neighbor had a yard sale where we bought four used onesies for 25¢ each. She has two boys, so most of the colors were blues or boy-style prints. I picked out a few plainer ones, just right for adding a little something “girly.”

Inspired by the many fun appliqued designs I’ve been seeing at specialty shops, on Etsy, and on Martha Stewart, I decided to try it myself. I was considering the many packages of fancy fusibles at the fabric store when a nice sales lady introduced me to Pellon’s WonderUnder, which came paper-backed on bolts at half the price. She assured me they would work just the same

Made from leftovers of this project

Made from leftovers of this fabric

Today I looked through my scrap fabric and found two prints that I thought might work. These are the result – a single pink flower (left over from this Tokyo tie bag project) and a selection of smaller flowers (from this fabric). According to the Pellon instruction sheet, the items can be washed and tumble dried on low, but I eventually decided to hand-sew the edge around the pink one, knowing just how often that might occur. An easy and almost instant face-lift.

Get directions for Martha’s Dog Appliqued Onesie here.

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