Words cannot express how awesome this movie is. The story is one we can all benefit from and the visuals are outstanding. It is simply something that you have to go experience for yourself. And I mean Experience. The 3D effects kept making me say “Oh my God!” over and over in my head. And don’t expect the included RealD glasses to be last generation’s flimsy red lens/blue lens cereal-box junk either. They are actually surprisingly comfortable black plastic, and lightweight enough to make it through the entire movie. Just be sure to recycle them in the designated bin when your done. And don’t forget turn your head for a peek back at the rest of the audience wearing their goofy black glassess, too. 🙂

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Ladygil.com Banner & Avatar

I was recently contacted again by the talented Rachel of Ladygil.com to design another banner and avatar for her newest blog. Taking visual cues from the previous banners I made for her Etsy shop and studio blog, plus her love of green, we came up with this fun and friendly design. She’s excited about it and so am I. And check out the cute little promo magnets she had made using the avatar image. What a great idea!

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