Baby Carrier Recommendation – Beco vs. Ergo

During our recent trip we decided to leave the stroller at home, making our Beco baby carrier a constant companion. Carriers are an indispensable parenting tool, keeping baby safe and close while conveniently allowing the hands free to do other things.

Before our daughter was born, my husband found a local store that carried both Moby Wraps and Ergo Carriers, so that we could try them out. This is where we were introduced to the Beco. I was hesitant at first, because A) I had never heard of the Beco, B) it was more expensive, and C) I already felt sold on the Ergo from all the good things my friends had to say. However, the sales lady was very knowledgeable, and clearly stated the differences so that we could decide for ourselves. In the end, we decided on both a Moby (which I also highly recommend) and a Beco (which David preferred over the Ergo).

Since I don’t own an Ergo, I can’t speak from experience of having both, but they have a very good reputation. However, there are several features which set the Beco apart. The feature my husband liked best (besides the fact that the Beco fit us both equally well) was that the Beco sits baby in a pouch, so that even if the waist belt somehow came undone, the baby would not fall through. This makes transferring the baby from person to person, which I have done, very easy. On the Ergo, a person to person transfer is impossible without taking the baby out completely and then re-settling her into the carrier. The Ergo’s waist belt forms the pouch, so the baby is only secure if the waist belt is fastened.

The initial cost of a Beco is more than the initial cost of an Ergo, however the Beco comes with the infant insert, and the Ergo’s must be purchased separately for an extra $25-$38. The Beco insert attaches to a large velcro strip on the inside of the pouch creating a raised seat, suitable for newborns and infants. The Ergo insert looks like a small, thick quilt, in which you wrap the baby (much like a hot dog bun) before inserting her into the carrier. Both carriers come with an adjustable hood. The Beco hood is removable and tucks into the front of the waistbelt. Tthe Ergo’s is permanently attached and tucks into the front pouch.

Another appealing feature of the Beco is it’s thinner profile and the multiple available patterns. I am stopped surprisingly often by curious and admiring mothers and grandmothers asking what brand it is. We have the River print (shown above). The one feature that the Ergo has that I’d love on the Beco is a zipper pocket.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, there is no way of knowing which bag is right for you and your baby until you try them on yourself. We purchased ours before the baby came, so we wouldn’t have to bother with it afterward. Honestly, I highly recommend either one, especially if you’re into attachment parenting or just want the convenience of a safe and alternative mode of transportation, other than a stroller.

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