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Daily Reflection: Rose, Bud and Thorn

At a dinner gathering a while ago, some friends of ours introduced us to the Rose, Bud and Thorn daily reflection activity. For those of you who have not heard of it, it works like this: You begin by reflecting on your day. The best part of your day is considered your “Rose”. The worst part of your day is your “Thorn,” and your “Rosebud” or “Bud” is something you are looking forward to (either later that day, or tomorrow). From searching the web I can see that it is often used as a classroom exercise or dinner table conversation starter, where each person takes a turn to share their Rose, Bud, and Thorn.

Here are my Rose, Bud and Thorn for today:

Rose: While I was driving Chloe to preschool this morning, I was singing along to Taylor Swift. Chloe exclaimed “Mama, you and the music sound the same! I can’t tell you apart at all!” Such a compliment, even from a four-year-old!

Thorn: Since Leo refuses to sit in a shopping cart, I’ve gone back to carrying him in the Beco on my back. I even gave him his beloved pacifier in the hopes of having a quiet 10 minute shopping experience. Instead, he spit the pacifier out on the floor, pulled my hair, yelled, purposefully spit saliva down my back and tried to bite a hole in my shirt. Seriously! My son does not like shopping. It’s strange because Leo is generally easy going. Anyway, not a fun experience.

Rosebud: I’m already looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully, we’ll be painting our bedroom. I’ve got a gallon of Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint waiting at the ready!

So, what was your Rose, Bud and Thorn for the day? Be sure to ask your husband or kids and see what they have to say. You may be surprised. 🙂

P.S. Here is a nice listing of the benefits of using the Rose, Bud and Thorn as a family conversation starter.


Portland Children’s Museum

Exploring the feel of clay in the Clay Studio

Chloe and I finally checked out the Portland Children’s Museum. It was our first time there, and lucky for us our library’s cultural pass to adventure was available, which gave us free admission to the museum. This saved us $16! The only caveat is that you have to go to the library to get the pass, go to your destination, and then return the pass to the library by midnight the same day or get fined $10. It can be a lot of driving around, but still a good deal.

Surprising mama on the slide in the Baby’s Garden

Chloe had a great time. At 13 1/2 months, Chloe loves to walk around, explore, touch things, and be around other kids. As usual, several mothers commented on her petite size and expressed surprise at her ability to walk around so well. She even surprised me, by easily climbing up a set of stairs to the slide, and knowing instinctively to turn around at the top to go down on her tummy. How did she know to do that? I’ve never shown her. She repeated this a couple times, but on the third time she decided she wanted to go down standing up. I could see this, and I hesitated on what to do. Should I tell her no and sit her down, or turn her around myself? Unsure, I grabbed the back of her shirt lightly, enough to gentle a fall should it occur, and just let her work it out for herself. What she did was grab onto the wall and start down sideways, and halfway through turn forward to take the last couple steps to the ground. I thought for sure the momentum would cause her to fall on her face, but surprise, she stepped quickly enough and sturdily enough to get down with no problem. Can you believe that? She didn’t need me there after all. I was concerned for nothing (but glad I was there, just in case).

Playing with (rubber?) gravel in the Dig Pit

For Chloe’s age, the baby garden, the clay center and the dig pit were the best bets. She still needed a little guidance to keep the “gravel” from the dig pit out of her mouth, but she was really fascinated by the texture and moveabiltiy of it all. We were there kind of late, and there were no other kids in the dig pit while were were there. When she heard kids talking and squealing in an adjacent room, she decided she was done and headed out the door to go find them. I had to scramble to grab our coats, the camera, and my bag together so I could catch up. It was fun letting her explore, and I’m sure we’ll be back.

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