Dear Chloe – 22 months

Dear Chloe,
You are 22 months old today. Thanks to a new Babymate app, I’ve been able to record some things about you as they happen. Here are some noteworthy occurrences during this past month:

Sept 14aYou got a black bean stuck in your nose. During dinner you kept saying “bean… in… nose” while holding a bean in your hand and gesturing toward your nose. We kept telling you that no, we don’t put beans up our noses. Then Daddy finally figured out that you already had a bean stuck in your nose. Oh boy. Daddy told me to run and get the tweezers, and after a slight hesitation, I did. I guess I was afraid we’d scratch the inside of your nose with the tweezers, or worse, push the wayward bean back in too far. Turns out Daddy was only able to pull small pieces out at a time, while the majority remained lodged. Then he got a tissue, held your right nostril closed and told you to blow. I was afraid you’d inhale it even further, but after a few tries it came shooting out. I guess it was a good thing you already had a little cold, so the mucus helped it slide. Go figure.

Sept 14bThe potty got a record amount of action on this same day – both your first time peeing and your second time going poop.

Sept 15Your second pee in the potty!

Sept 16a – You and Daddy love playing “blocks” (mega-blocks, legos, and/or wooden blocks) together. This particular day, you built a structure all by yourself which you called a “baby bed,” and then proceeded to lay the baby in it.

Sept 16bYou slept through the night! Consequently, you’ve been sleeping amazingly well ever since. Not always through the night, but with less wakings than you’ve had in a long time.

Sept 17You fed the Lorikeets at the zoo all by yourself. Although you’ve always enjoyed them, their piercing squawks and abrupt movements kept you from getting too close during previous visits. Today we had the area all to ourselves and it was pretty special. I was pretty proud with how far you’d come. The lone attendant said you did amazingly well for your age, especially since you moved slowly and listened when I told you not to touch the birds. I took a video of you with my iphone, and consequently, you love to watch it over and over.

Sept 19 – While Mommy and Daddy were working in the office, you left and took your pants and your diaper off, and then put your pants back on. Did you think we wouldn’t notice? This is far from the first time you’ve taken off your diaper, but the first time you put your pants back on afterward. Clever girl.

Sept 20Your first train ride. You and I took a morning ride through Forest Park on the zooliner. It was a really special experience for the two of us.

A few other tidbits about you this month:

  • You’re vocabulary is growing, and your making more complete sentences.
  • You like yogurt covered raisins, which you call “beans”.
  • Yellow and Orange are the colors that you consistently know.
  • When you’re excited, sometimes you’ll loudly call out random numbers – “Two! Eight! Seven!”

I can’t believe you’re going to be 2 years old in only another two months!



Chloe update, 20 months

Chloe will be 21 months next week. Normally, I’d wait until then to give an update, but several BIG things have happened and I can’t wait to share. I’m afraid if I don’t, they’ll just go unrecorded. Here’s the biggest news:

Chloe pooped in the potty for the first time today!!!

I noticed her just slightly bearing down while I was talking to her this morning. I immediately asked if she was poopy and suggested she go sit on her potty. She turned and ran to the bathroom, me following so I could whip off her diaper. She sat down just in time for us to hear a tiny thud. I wasn’t sure if I should point out her accomplishment immediately or just keep her seated in case there was more coming. I decided on the later, and we flipped through a magazine to keep her entertained. Turns out that one thud was it, however, when she got up and I showed her what was in the pot, she did NOT like what she saw. As a matter of fact, she got really upset and almost started crying so I quickly ramped up the happy face and voice. The last thing I wanted was for this to be a bad experience, but I simply was not expecting that kind of reaction. Thankfully she settled down quickly, although continued to look disturbed. I dumped the offender into the main toilet so we could say bye-bye as it flushed away. I wonder if there is anything I could have done better, because I really hope she won’t be afraid to try again!

Just as exciting as the potty usage, is the fact that Chloe said her first three word sentence yesterday! She says lots of words and sounds together, just not quite in proper order. I heard it while she was rummaging through one of her toy drawers for her baby doll. When she finally pulled it free she declared “I got it!” At first I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly, but then she repeated it again (and again!).

Lastly, I’ll mention the pasta stringing activity I prepared for her yesterday. The idea was to help her make her first pasta necklace with some dry rigatoni and a piece of yarn. Turns out she didn’t even need my help! I loved just sitting back, watching her dextrous little fingers thread the “beads” onto the yarn and pull them through. And here I thought it would be a challenge for her. Afterwards we took a little trip to the dollar store for some budget art supplies for more at-home projects. I probably think this at every stage, but this is certainly my favorite so far. 🙂

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