Bees, Aphids, and More New Plants


Orange Dahlia with Bee

I couldn’t resist tracking this bee with my camera this morning, on his way from flower to flower. He seemed to favor the dahlias and settled long enough for me to capture several nice close-ups like this one.

For the fourth of July today we celebrated by… buying more plants. To us, plant shopping is like an addictive drug that keeps us struggling to support our habit. It doesn’t help that we have a terrible aphid problem this year that destroyed many of our favorites, forcing us to find replacements. Today our purchase included a yellow zinnia, french lavendar, cuban oregano, 6 white impatiens, a 6-pack of coleus, and 3 purple gomphrena. Luckily most everything was on the 10 for $10 table at Fred Meyer.

David Planting

David planting our new impatiens

David recently did some research and found two good, organic solutions to our aphid infestation. On the worst areas he sprayed a product called Organocide, an insecticide and fungicide that will also help treat problems like the powdery mildew and blackspot plaguing the roses. Afterwards, for other areas that weren’t so hard hit, he released ladybugs, which can consume over 5000 aphids during a lifetime.

Hopefully, this is where we’ll draw the line for this year. Now we’ll just get to sit back and watch the summer sun do her work.

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2 thoughts on “Bees, Aphids, and More New Plants

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  2. oh my. that’s a great pic of the bee. he posed just for you. 🙂

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