Kid Project: 5-Minute DIY Fallen Leaf Wreath


We are having picture perfect fall weather here in Oregon right now. Knowing it will disappear all too soon, I’ve been encouraging the kids to play outside as much as possible. Today, after naps, we wandered the backyard admiring all the fallen leaves. We got our baskets and filled them with ones we liked – bright ones, dark ones, crinkled ones, big ones, little ones… we only have one deciduous tree in the backyard, so most are maple leaves unless they blew in from an adjacent yard. Then I tried to think of a project we could make with all of them… perhaps a wreath?

This is just about the quickest wreath project ever. I ran in to get my glue gun, and then remembered it was at a neighbor’s. She brought it over and then I looked around for something to use as the frame. This could be as simple as a piece of circle-cut cardboard, but what we used was the plastic ring from a pack of danishes that I bought from Costco. I used the glue gun to place wads of glue around the ring and Chloe and I would choose and stick leaves on top, being very careful of the hot glue (note to self: get a low temperature glue gun for these kinds of projects). For a consistent look I suggested we place all the leaves face up with the stem toward the inside of the circle. Leo was more interested in running leaves around in his tractor trailer, so he didn’t really participate except for leaf collecting.

Ta da! After just a couple of layers we had a festive wreath to hang near the front door. I think Daddy will be pleasantly surprised to see it there when he comes home this evening, don’t you?

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3 thoughts on “Kid Project: 5-Minute DIY Fallen Leaf Wreath

  1. Very nice! It would be difficult to make one of these with our pine needles. Wish we had more deciduous trees on the property.

  2. Hi Alan! Yes, I can imagine it would be much more time consuming with pine needles. Don’t you guys have lots of small pine cones? That’s what I would try. Seriously, glue guns are amazing little tools. 🙂

  3. I love it! We’ll be trying it this week. I may have to try another type of glue since I don’t have a glue gun right now.

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