Chapter 8: Soothing a Baby (With a Bra) + a $100 Babies R Us Giveaway!


Like many soon-to-be moms, I read a lot of baby books while I was pregnant with my first child. I knew all about what to expect during the pregnancy, and my husband and I took a class so we could prepare for the birth itself. Overall, I felt pretty confident. After all, we tried for 5 years to get pregnant with Chloe, and I was going to do my best to make her happy.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Chloe turned out to be a fairly easy baby. She was healthy and generally good-natured. She smelled as sweet as honey and I’d spend what felt like hours just marveling at her perfect smallness. However, there were some things that didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped. Breastfeeding, for instance, took us a while. The books and the nurses made it sound so easy, but it took lots of tries and advice and eventually a nipple shield (for a short while) for both of us to get the hang of it.

Then there was the sleeping. Or… lack of sleeping. Chloe was an extremely light sleeper. Anything could wake her up, even quiet sounds like the dog walking by her door or the heater kicking on. Unfortunately, during those times the only thing that would help her back to sleep was nursing.

Eventually, exhausted, I began searching for an alternate back-to-sleep soothing method. I scoured the baby books and parenting web sites. At first, we tried giving her the pacifier that the hospital had given us. I’m embarrassed now to say that I really wanted to do things “by the book,” and “by the book” meant discouraging pacifier use. But, I tried it anyway. Chloe would give it a few sucks and then spit it out. I’d edge it back and she’d spit it back out. Basically, no go.

So began the long trial (and error) of every soothing thing I could think of – humming, singing, white noise, radio, baby-wearing, softies, blankets, rocking, teethers (I had high hopes for Sophie the giraffe), and anything else I could think of. Each option was given several chances in the hopes that it would be “the one.” Sadly, some crying ensued, but I wasn’t about to give up hope.

One afternoon, after putting Chloe down for her nap, I heard her rouse after just a short while. I’m sure I cringed inwardly, and honestly, I can’t remember exactly what I was doing (possibly prepping dinner), but whatever it was took a little time to complete. By the time I got back to check on her I found that she had gone back to sleep! On her own! Hallelujah! But, wait. What was that thing clutched in her little hand? Was that… my bra?!

Miracle of miracles, all Chloe needed was my bra. I’m not saying it was all perfect from then on out. Oh, no. However, I began leaving one with her and sometimes it worked. Plus, I learned to not go rushing in (this was totally against the grain of “by the books” back then, but I was beginning to see how bending the rules might have its advantages). Eventually, Chloe began putting herself back to sleep (and sucking her thumb, sigh).

The moral of this story? No matter what anyone tells you, no matter what advice you’ve been given or tales you’ve been told – there will never be a child exactly like yours, or a mother exactly like you. While it’s good to glean information from the plethora of sources out there, the best things you can do is experiment, trust your instincts, give it time, ask questions and don’t be afraid do things the way that works best for you and your baby. Because, you are the mom, and you will figure it out… eventually. 🙂


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118 thoughts on “Chapter 8: Soothing a Baby (With a Bra) + a $100 Babies R Us Giveaway!

  1. a bra, haha, hilarious, but whatever works 🙂

    Someone I know said, “Please don’t let me poop on the table”

  2. no deliveries for us yet, and guys dont really talk about this, so I have no idea.

    seanm1999 at hotmail dot com

  3. I don’t remember saying anything funny during labor. I was pretty drugged up so who knows.

  4. A nurse threatened to leave me to give birth alone so I said, “fine, but I won’t know how to cut the cord.”

  5. that has been too many years ago for me!

  6. No real funny remarks while I was in labor. Just a lot of screaming.

  7. You hear a lot of funny things working in the hospital on labor deck – best was ” its like a hurricane” in reference to labor

  8. I was so upset that they were going to have to do an emergency c-section, I said the “f” word and I never never swear. My hubby was so embarrassed, but we laugh about it now.

  9. I wanted complete silence during labor. I threatened to kick my husband out of the delivery for breathing too loudly.

  10. my aunt lost it during labor! she alternated from wanting her husband holding her hand one second to nearly cussing him out the next for “causing her so much pain”.. he understood, we all did. but boy, seeing that as @ 16 was like the best birth control ever! I did not want that lol

  11. I kept asking to get up and go to the bathroom. My husband made me go back to the bed. I don’t think he wanted the baby to be born in the toilet.

  12. I didn’t say anything funny but I looked pretty funny…I was a hot mess walking those hallways and I couldn’t have cared less!

  13. I was induced with my daughter and I was lying there in the hospital bed when I heard a huge pop sound from inside. It scared the hell out of me, and I jumped to sit up in the bed and said to the nurse in there “oh my god, either you just opened a pop, or I just popped”. She started laughing and came over, sure enough it was me. 🙂

  14. “get me a sandwich”!

  15. During my first I was asking for other ways to get the baby out that didn’t hurt like new procedures 🙂

  16. When the nurse asked me to time my contractions I told her I couldn’t stay awake long enough to time anything. I’d been given some meds to help me sleep through the early labor but things sped up faster than the doctor expected.

  17. i friend said “After my little man read born and the doctor was pushing on my stomach and getting the placenta and everything else out, I said “Woah! It’s like my vagina is puking!” The three nurses and the doctor all stopped and busted out laughing”

  18. Not really “funny”, but as soon as my little one came out I asked my husband if she had a lot of hair (bc I had heartburn the entire pregnancy).

  19. Probably that I was having hot flashes, I was so hot and the nurse had to turn on the fan

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  20. My mom said ” Wait, I gotta poop!”

  21. “You’re going to clean that up, right?”

  22. My sister demanded chocolate icecream during labor.

  23. I made many strange comments during the births of my kids. My last birth I was very self conscious about pooping (the baby was making his way down so that was the feeling). I warned the doctor and nurses that I may poop, watch out.

  24. I was at home in early labor and my poor tired husband kept falling asleep and I remember being so uncomfortable and restless & angry with him I wanted to seriously slap him awake.

  25. I was worried about getting the garbage set out for pick up

  26. The only funny thing I remember saying while in labor was that I was never going through this again. And that was while I was in labor with the first of my three sons. I obviously did go through that again

  27. It’s not really what I said, but what I did with the cool rag my hubby was using to “sooth” me. I didn’t want anyone touching me with all of the pain I was in. So I grabbed the rag from him and slapped him with it:)

  28. I don’t remember anything funny about it

  29. I remember being told to try to hold the baby in until the doctor got there. Yeah right!

  30. While my sister was in Labor with my niece she had advanced quicker than her nurses thought she would and they were telling her to literally “hold the baby in” until the doctor got there… Right before the doctor walked in my sister was yelling “WHERE IS MY DOCTOR? I’M PUSHING AND HAVING THIS BABY WITH OR WITHOUT HER.” It cracked us all up because that is SO unlike my sister.

  31. It’s hot, it’s hot…that’s all I remember saying to the nurse.

  32. I don’t have any good stories!

  33. My sister said: “Don’t you dare leave, you are responsible for half of this!” lol

  34. My friend kept telling her husband to leave the room and when he would try and leave the room she would scream at him “How dare you leave me at a time like this?”

  35. My husband kept saying “I am sorry baby…” with each contraction…he was panicking

  36. I had to be induced because my water had broken 24 hours w/o me starting labor on my own. They put me on antibiotics for 6 hours and then starting the inducing IV at 5pm. I was freaking out a little. She was my first and it was Friday 13th. The doctor was checking me out and promised me that she wouldn’t come until early the next morning. He said that with inducing, it usually took a while. Told me I was only dilated 1 and to call him in when I started feeling like I needed the epidural, but that he couldn’t give it to me until I had dilated further. About an hour later, I was squirming and feeling like I was in pain, but didn’t want to be a big baby and complain. I waited until about 6:20 and told my sister that I couldn’t wait anymore to please get the doc. I just knew he was going to give me grief and tell me to buck up or something.He came in about 6:50, telling me that he’d check, but I probably wasn’t dilated enough. Asked me a few questions as he was preparing to check me out. Next thing I knew he was instructing my sis to hold my leg and started shouting for nurses. I’ll never forget hearing him yell, Bring me a pan, Hurry! She’s coming NOW! She was born at 7pm. I never did get an epidural, I got a motrin, lol.

  37. I told my partner “why don’t you try pushing a bowling ball out your body” when he told me to relax.

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