Chapter 8: Soothing a Baby (With a Bra) + a $100 Babies R Us Giveaway!


Like many soon-to-be moms, I read a lot of baby books while I was pregnant with my first child. I knew all about what to expect during the pregnancy, and my husband and I took a class so we could prepare for the birth itself. Overall, I felt pretty confident. After all, we tried for 5 years to get pregnant with Chloe, and I was going to do my best to make her happy.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Chloe turned out to be a fairly easy baby. She was healthy and generally good-natured. She smelled as sweet as honey and I’d spend what felt like hours just marveling at her perfect smallness. However, there were some things that didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped. Breastfeeding, for instance, took us a while. The books and the nurses made it sound so easy, but it took lots of tries and advice and eventually a nipple shield (for a short while) for both of us to get the hang of it.

Then there was the sleeping. Or… lack of sleeping. Chloe was an extremely light sleeper. Anything could wake her up, even quiet sounds like the dog walking by her door or the heater kicking on. Unfortunately, during those times the only thing that would help her back to sleep was nursing.

Eventually, exhausted, I began searching for an alternate back-to-sleep soothing method. I scoured the baby books and parenting web sites. At first, we tried giving her the pacifier that the hospital had given us. I’m embarrassed now to say that I really wanted to do things “by the book,” and “by the book” meant discouraging pacifier use. But, I tried it anyway. Chloe would give it a few sucks and then spit it out. I’d edge it back and she’d spit it back out. Basically, no go.

So began the long trial (and error) of every soothing thing I could think of – humming, singing, white noise, radio, baby-wearing, softies, blankets, rocking, teethers (I had high hopes for Sophie the giraffe), and anything else I could think of. Each option was given several chances in the hopes that it would be “the one.” Sadly, some crying ensued, but I wasn’t about to give up hope.

One afternoon, after putting Chloe down for her nap, I heard her rouse after just a short while. I’m sure I cringed inwardly, and honestly, I can’t remember exactly what I was doing (possibly prepping dinner), but whatever it was took a little time to complete. By the time I got back to check on her I found that she had gone back to sleep! On her own! Hallelujah! But, wait. What was that thing clutched in her little hand? Was that… my bra?!

Miracle of miracles, all Chloe needed was my bra. I’m not saying it was all perfect from then on out. Oh, no. However, I began leaving one with her and sometimes it worked. Plus, I learned to not go rushing in (this was totally against the grain of “by the books” back then, but I was beginning to see how bending the rules might have its advantages). Eventually, Chloe began putting herself back to sleep (and sucking her thumb, sigh).

The moral of this story? No matter what anyone tells you, no matter what advice you’ve been given or tales you’ve been told – there will never be a child exactly like yours, or a mother exactly like you. While it’s good to glean information from the plethora of sources out there, the best things you can do is experiment, trust your instincts, give it time, ask questions and don’t be afraid do things the way that works best for you and your baby. Because, you are the mom, and you will figure it out… eventually. 🙂


The post above is one of many personal stories that have been included in the MAM Blogger Real Parenting Guide. My particular post is Chapter 8: Soothing a Baby (With a Bra), but I encourage you to read other chapters and also to find out more about the products (bottles, pacifiers, teethers, etc) that MAM makes. The right tools definitely make the job of parenting easier.

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118 thoughts on “Chapter 8: Soothing a Baby (With a Bra) + a $100 Babies R Us Giveaway!

  1. My husband kept saying “It’s taking too long” during the 30 hour labor with my first son. I am not sure what he thought it was going to be like but I was sick and tired of his saying it. Finally I told him “I am not a pez dispenser, please leave the room”!!

  2. A close friend, after giving birth.. I walked in the room to see the new baby.. as soon as I walked in, I was told “NEVER AGAIN!” lol

  3. My friend told her husband that she hated him because he had done this to her. it was hilarious!

    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  4. as I went into labor with my second child , we rushed to the hospital and the guard told us we had to go up one level to the ward for babies he said . elevators were off had to walk up a flight of steps and when we got to the door was locked. Good ole hubby said ..well it must be closed. I looked at him with a nasty look and just at that moment my water broke. I looked at him and said …if we don’t get into the hospital right now then you will have to deliver the baby in the parking lot. All of a sudden he ran and left me at the door. I am panicking now. Well here come my husband, security guard, nurses, and doctor, no sooner I got out of the wheel chair I was delivering. Oh..and… Husband also passed out and the nurses had to take him outside.

  5. During labor? Nothing as I had an emergency c-section so it all went by quickly but I was told over and over that I’d have a small baby. When they pulled her out my midwife was like OMG she’s HUGE!! Was almost 9 lbs

  6. My grandmother told my grandfather to go to h.e.double hockeysticks when he asked her if she would still be able to make dinner that night, as she gave birth to my mom on their farmhouse kitchen table! LOL And yes my grandpa was serious. He was a real bad guy, so it was something that grandma stood up to him like that.

  7. My cousin kept saying she wanted an italian sub as soon as possible!

    pokergrl8 at

  8. My wife said she was taking a long vacation by herself!

  9. I don’t remember anything hilarious being said. I did point out to the nurse that there was blood on the ceiling when we went into delivery room. She was so apologetic – talked about having a young mother in whose water broke and it just sprayed all over her hair and face. The nurse said after 20 years of baby deliveries she had never needed a shower like that before.
    5 years later we were back at that hospital and when taken into delivery my husband (the cheerleader) said – look the ceiling is clean. One of the nurses laughed and said of course; told us the story of how one of their mothers in the past pointed out blood on the ceiling so they never were going to have that happen again. I’m not sure she believed it was me … but it was funny how a totally new nurse knew about it.

  10. No kids. No funny story. I want to win this for my friend’s grand daughter and her new baby.
    Thanks for the contest.

  11. my husband thought it was funny that i told him i still wanted one more while in labor.

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