Holland America Tulip Festival


Walking the u-pick tulip field with Chloe

Have you ever been to a tulip festival? Chloe and I came upon one by chance yesterday. We were a few hours into our homeward journey from a friend’s house north of Seattle and were more than ready to stretch our legs. This festival was at the Holland America Bulb Farm in Woodland, Washington. Such a sight! So many colors and so many gorgeous varieties. I’ve seen pictures of masses of blooms, but to see it in person…

smelling the bright pink tulips

This was our first tulip farm experience. We stayed about an hour, enough to browse the garden gifts, sample some “deep fried popcorn”, sniff some different varieties and wander among the u-pick area to select the stems we wanted to take home. Of course, I also took a lot of photos. While most of our drive had been rainy, the sun just happened to come out when we arrived. For the record, I did not alter the color of these photos at all. They were truly that rich and vibrant against the gray intensity of the sky.

In the colorful tulip field

smelling the yellow tulips

I’m so glad we took the opportunity to stop. It is so easy to focus on the destination, and not take time to savor the journey. A fitting and memorable reminder to “stop and smell the roses” (- er, tulips). Don’t you agree?


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4 thoughts on “Holland America Tulip Festival

  1. Stunning photo’s with all that colour! Love it.

  2. Beautiful colors! I have been to the one at Skagit Valley, WA. Also stunning.

    Did you know about the one in Woodburn, OR? I’ve heard good things about it too.

  3. I just found out about the one in Woodburn yesterday! I had been seeing facebook photos, but weren’t sure where they were located. I don’t think we would have made a point to visit one, if we hadn’t come across it accidentally. But now that we know, I think we’ll check out the Woodburn one next year with the whole family. Thanks for mentioning it!

  4. I love colorful tulips which are looking nice in various colors. In Holland and America there are many tulip gardens are available which contains a beauty of tulips.

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