Easter Egg Hunt 2013


Nothing like the joy of a good Easter Egg Hunt! We’ve attended the same one every year since Chloe could walk. Its free, hosted by a local church, and starts off with a few crafts for the kids to do while they wait. This year was Leo’s first. You should have seen his eyes light up when he noticed the fields sparkling with colorful eggs!

Next year Chloe will be too old to hunt the same field as Leo, so I am glad I was able to get some photos of them together. By the end, Chloe had her basket filled literally to overflowing. So much fun, but unfortunately, over so quickly! More of our hunt photos can be seen here, and a special thanks to the kids’ aunt and uncle for providing them with such adorable, personalized baskets!

What about you? Do you have fond memories of egg hunts? Treat-filled Easter baskets? Pancakes shaped like bunnies?



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2 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt 2013

  1. I do remember the delight and wonder of finding colored eggs in the strangest places. We lived in Wyoming when I was your children’s size, and often there was still a lot of snow on the ground at Easter, so the hunts happened indoors. I still have a mental image of a dyed egg peeking out from between the cushions on the sofa.

    And then when I had my first garden, I planted potatoes. Same delight! Same wonder! Hidden treasure that wasn’t there before!

    Thanks for the memories

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