5 Impressive Cake Frosting Techniques + Tutorials


Petal Frosting by La Receta de la Felicidad

These days, happy bakers everywhere are upping the ante with beautiful frosting techniques. Not only do we want to enjoy our slice of cake, we want it to look good too. Not sure how to accomplish that? Here are 5 impressive techniques, including tutorials, to inspire you.

1. Smooth Frosting  Let’s start with the basics. Nothing says modern like the clean lines of this perfectly frosted cake. Check out How to Frost a Cake by Whisk Kid.

2. Textured Frosting  Want a more relaxed and traditional-looking topping? How to Frost a Cake by The Paula Deen Test Kitchen will show you.

3. Ribbon Frosting  This classic design is always impressive. The Sew*er, The Caker, The Copy-Cat Maker shows you the Ribbon Frosting Technique with lots of step-by-step photos.

4. Petal Frosting  This is one of my personal favorites. Such a stunning visual created with such easy steps. Check out My Cake School’s Pretty Petal Effect or Bird on a Cake’s Petal Tutorial. The pink cake shown here is the Ombre Petal Cake by Java Cupcake.

5. Rosette Frosting  A timelessly romantic design.  Girl. Inspired has a great tutorial called Tips for Making a Swirled Rose Cake. I am baker also has a well-done Rose Cake Tutorial, and provides a Rose Cake Video Tutorial as well.

Happy frosting!



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9 thoughts on “5 Impressive Cake Frosting Techniques + Tutorials

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  2. I would love it if I could master just one of these 🙂

  3. Me, too! Definitely going to try the petal design the next opportunity I get. 🙂

  4. I love the petal technique…all are so pretty, I think this might be beyond my capability, but I must give it a try.

  5. I love the Rosette Frosting!!! So romantic…

    I recently took a cake decorating class and it was so much fun. However, it was a lot of work so I don’t know if I will keep it up. Also, this only works with high sugar frosting which I am trying to stay away from. My favorite frostings these days are either mascarpone or ganache. Not enough stability for decorating.

  6. Mm. I agree, ganache makes a delicious topping, but I don’t think I’ve had marscapone frosting (although I like marscapone). Does it turn out similar to cream cheese frosting? I’m sure it adds an elegant touch. 🙂

  7. Mascarpone Frosting is lighter than cream cheese frosting. More like a heartier whipped cream frosting.

    8 ounces mascarpone
    8 ounces heavy cream
    1/2 cup confectioner’s sugar

    I beat them all together until soft to firm peaks form. It helps to chill the bowl and beaters.

  8. Thanks for the recipe Charlotte! I’m intrigued at how little sugar is involved, but I definitely want to try it. I can feel myself salivating a little just thinking about it. Does the end cake have to stay refrigerated or can it be left on the counter for the day, do you know?

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