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Chloe worked on her Valentine cards right after breakfast this morning. I had designed these cards a few weeks back, knowing I had a stash of tiny finger flashlights for her to give away. These super bright LED Finger Flashlights are about 20¢ each when you buy a set on Amazon. Keeping their size in mind, I made a similar-sized flashlight with a heart and then included the phrase “You Light Up My Life Valentine.” Interestingly, this is the first time I felt like typefaces failed me. None of them looked quite right, so I ended up handwriting it and then scanning it in. Much better!

Here’s what the cards look like freshly printed:

This is what the packages of finger flashlights look like:

If you decide to add a finger light onto a card, use an x-acto knife to cut a small tab near the middle of the printed flashlight, like shown. Then slide the elastic loop onto the tab. Like this:

Here is what they look like lit up. Festive!

Below are some of Chloe’s cards. She stickered and stamped them until she was satisfied. Last year it took her several sittings, but this year she did them all at once.

Although Chloe can write her name pretty clearly, there are fourteen kids in her preschool class. For expediency, she used her name stamp instead. For her classmates’ names we sounded out the first letter of each name. She found the matching letter stamp and placed it on the “To:” line, then I wrote in the rest of the name for her. I figure by next year she may be writing them all by herself.

And finally, here is where you can download your own pdf for printing. Each page prints 4 cards on a regular letter size (8.5×11) sheet, 2 with red hearts and 2 with white. Cardstock works best. The finger flashlights are completely optional. Have fun and enjoy!

Download the pdf by clicking the image above or by clicking here (288 kB).

Looking for something a bit more grown-up perhaps? Here’s a link to a couple printable Valentine Cards from a previous year.

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