Eastern Oregon Day 3: Joseph, Halfway, Baker City

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(A brief overview written at the end of the day – hope to fill in more notes and photos later…)

breakfast in Joseph, OR

David was gone when I woke up this morning. He had gotten up about an hour earlier to go fly fishing where the mouth of the Wallowa River meets the Lake. Barkley and I started our day with a nice walk to see if we could meet up with him, which we did. We packed up our things and then went into Joseph to see a little more of the town and have breakfast. We chose the Embers, because it’s large outdoor seating area was written up in one of our guidebooks and also because of their sign for free wi-fi. It was also our first opportunity to plug in my camera and cell phone, which were dangerously low on charge.

After breakfast, we wandered a little more around town where david stood in line at the little farmer’s market and was the lucky recipient of the last large $2 bag of organic cherries. Next door to the market was a little shop called To Zion, where I picked up a new necklace and a little silver ankle bracelet.

hell's canyon overlook

On the way to Halfway, we stopped at the Hells Canyon overlook, which was so beautiful not just for the view, but for the masses of colorful wildflowers growing on the hillsides. We continued the scenic drive to Halfway where we stopped at Stockman’s for burgers and onion rings (mine was the Hell’s Canyon Burger complete with ham, cheese and an egg – yum!). Then we continued driving to Baker city.

historic baker tower

Unfortunately, we got into Baker City after the visitor’s center was closed so we had to make due with some of the pamplets they had outside. The Geiser Grand, where I had wanted to stay, was booked for rooms, but we were able to make dinner reservations. We found a budget place to stay the night at the Oregon Trail Motel, because they allowed pets and it was close to historic downtown. After we checked in we went on a quick walking tour of the historic buildings, and then had a nice trout dinner.

Looking forward to the John Day Fossil Beds and Painted Hills tomorrow…

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