Leo’s First Birthday!


Leo had his first birthday party last weekend! We invited the same good friends who attended Chloe’s first birthday (who conveniently all have had their second children as well, so it was a perfect match of preschoolers and baby siblings). We put together a pasta lunch – pistachio, garlic and olive pasta for the adults, mac ‘n cheese for the kids, salad, fruit, cheese and crackers and trix crispies as a colorful treat. Since Leo’s is our first summer birthday in the family, I thought it would be special to do an ice cream cake (strawberry) from Baskin Robbins, and found some toy animals on top to match the lion party theme. I can’t believe he is one already!!!




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4 thoughts on “Leo’s First Birthday!

  1. Your Trix Krispies turned out great. Love the way you displayed them. Happy First Birthday to Leo. Party fit for a king. Love it. Hope everyone enjoyed the krispies. xx

  2. Nice Birthday for Leo! I know he’ll treasure the pictures when he is older.

  3. Oh it looks like a terrific party. I love all of the color! Happy Birthday Leo!

  4. I can’t believe he is now one year old! Great pics.

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