Dear Leo, One year old


Dear Leo,

You are one year old today. Happy birthday my precious, darling boy! You have brought us so much joy this past year. You are a shiny sparkle that brightens my life, and I am so thankful for you.

There are so many things I want to tell you. How sweet and affectionate you are. How your smile warms my heart. How you speed around the house, crawling after your sister with the enthusiasm of a puppy. I love watching you two play, and I’m so glad you have each other.

You are an excellent eater. Daddy says you a like a bottomless pit. Your finger dexterity is amazing. You’ll eat practically anything, with a special fondness for cheese, pasta, fruits and baby snacks. Your teeth have been a little late to appear, but the first one (bottom left) appeared recently, and I can see a shadow of its neighbor and the one directly above coming in. Just the other day you pulled down a bowl of your sister’s pears from the dining table, along with her fork, and sat down to feed yourself bite after bite. It took me by surprise – not that you got the pears, but because you used the fork, which I have never given you before.

So far you only say the words mama and dada. You can’t walk yet, but you pull yourself up to stand easily and often take steps while holding on. You like to climb on things, but don’t always know how to get down safely. More than once I’ve seen you climb on your sister’s chair, stand up and pull on the window ledge while pushing off the wall with your toes. I’m glad I was there those times.

You LOVE being outside. Summer has been late coming this year, but you love playing in the sandbox and even got to experience the sprinkler one warm day. You protest whenever you see someone go out the back door and not take you, too. You know there is a whole world out there, full of grass to pull, flowers to smell and rocks to gnaw (outside will be easier once you stop putting everything in your mouth).

Over all you are just the best little boy any mother could ask for… except maybe at night. You just will not stay asleep, and aren’t afraid to let the rest of us know it. You wake 4 or 5 times a night, and it is hard sometimes to be the best mama I can be on such interrupted sleep. You fall asleep fine (for morning and afternoon naps, too), it is just staying asleep that’s tough. We are taking steps, however. You moved into your own room a couple weeks ago (we painted it the most lovely shade of pale blue-grey called “morning fog”), and I think you are beginning to settle in. We’ll see.

My little son, your mama loves you so much. I can tell that you love me, too, with your big hugs, gentle pats, and too often hair pulling. I hope we’ll continue to grow our special little bond. Thank you for all the warmth and sun you bring into all our lives. Its a bittersweet time, knowing that your babyness is behind you, yet it is exciting to see the little boy you’ll become. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way, as long as you’ll let me.

All my love,

Leo’s one year stats
Height: 2’6″ (58.66%)  Weight: 19lb 4.4oz (6.37%)  Head Circumference: 17.72″ (14.24%)  BMI: 15.06kg/m2

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3 thoughts on “Dear Leo, One year old

  1. Hard to believe he’s 1! Congrats to you and happy birthday to sweet Leo!

  2. Happy birthday dear Leo!!! Do glad we got to celebrate with you!!!

  3. this is soooo sweet. i luv the letters you write to your kids. 🙂

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