Beaded Baby Teether Necklace


Have I mentioned that Leo LOVES hair? Grabbing it, pulling it, playing with it, burying his face in it and even eating it. Sometimes after holding him I feel crunchy places in my hair where he has been sucking. He also sometimes rubs and pulls his own hair to soothe himself. Perhaps I’m raising the next Vidal Sassoon? All I know is that what once was cute when he was less strong is now becoming a bit painful at times. Just ask his poor sister. She basically cannot come within reach of him or she gets grabbed or scratched. Oh yes, he’s also a scratcher. Naturally, he doesn’t mean to, but those little fingernails… well… ouch. I’m just hoping that scab on my nose doesn’t scar.

I made the teething necklace above as an attempt to divert his attention. I’ve seen several fun and funky looking ones, and they are easy enough to make. Basically, you

1. Sew a tube of fabric big enough to insert wooden craft balls.
2. Tie a knot in the fabric between each ball
3. Sew the ends closed and add a ribbon to tie it (or twill tape, in this case).

Leo, however, is only minimally interested. It isn’t hair, after all. And so it doesn’t get  a ton of wear. I tend to prefer smaller jewelry anyway (which I don’t wear now, so as not to have it yanked off and swallowed). Ah, well. Gentle admonishments will have to suffice for now…

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5 thoughts on “Beaded Baby Teether Necklace

  1. Have you thought of giving him a baby doll with long hair. (disney toddler rapunzel? *cringe*) I had a friend whose boy was very attached to mama’s hair. When she had to go to the hospital for some health problems, they bought a hair piece and washed it with her shampoo, and he used that as a soother. It worked for them. I don’t know…just a thought.

  2. You know, I recently bought Leo a Lion stuffed animal with a mane of hair-like fur (the Jellycat Cordy Roy). The amazon listing said from “3months on up” but when we got it Leo was able to pull out fist-fulls of hair, and of course it went straight to his mouth. Terrible. I need to see about returning it.

    I’m glad you suggested a doll again. I’ve been resistant to that idea, because I’m afraid I’ll see him as a toddler carrying around a princess doll. But I know that shouldn’t matter. I’ll look into it – Thanks!

  3. Did I already say that? geesh. I seriously can’t remember anything.

  4. Sorry! I meant that I had thought of getting him a doll with hair, too. Not that you had mentioned it again. 🙂

  5. I think kids naturally do not want to play with things we make for them to play with. Kinda like the box being more fun the gift we spend $$ on.

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