Flower pinwheels


When we added the third bedroom to our two-bedroom house, the middle bedroom did not fare well. Not only did it lose a window (and lots of natural light), but the remaining window looks out at a blank fence that partially obscures the house next door. Someday, I’d like to do some landscaping on that side of the house, but until then these pinwheels spruce up the view nicely. And Chloe likes them. A lot.

Total cost: $7 at the dollar store. (And a special thanks to the cable guy who left his u-shaped staple gun here).

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2 thoughts on “Flower pinwheels

  1. So funny I just saw these at the $ store yesterday and wondered what I could use them for!!!! Very cute!!!!!

  2. Love it! I would be happy too. Those look great.

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