I turned 37 yesterday. Wow. Doesn’t that number seem really big? It certainly gave me pause, but it doesn’t feel as dramatic as I thought it was going to.

Last night we dropped off the kids and had dinner at a local Korean restaurant I’ve been wanting to try. Not as good as our favorite, but I thoroughly enjoyed my bibimbap. Afterward, we had just enough time to pick up a mini chocolate cake to celebrate with the kids before bedtime. My daughter loves to sing “Happy Birthday” and to blow out candles, so we got her a mini-cupcake with sprinkles, too.

And right now? I’m sipping some organic rooibos africana. I tried it at a christmastime tea in Colorado with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-laws. I only brought back a small packet and was sad to run out. Luckily a local tea shop carries it, and David stopped to get me some. I’ve been partial to South African rooibos before, but this particular blend with cornflowers, blue mallow and vanilla is so deliciously warm and comforting. And it is caffeine free – good for late nights. 😉

Ever since going to Vietnam, I like to drink tea in the asian “milk tea” style, with sweetened condensed milk. It sounds weird, but its really good. Rich and creamy and lightly sweet. If you are usually a coffee drinker and don’t particularly care for tea, I think this one will change your mind.


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7 thoughts on “37

  1. happy birthday!! and yes, i too love vanilla flavored roibos. i usually make it like sweet iced tea, and then add soy milk. yum. thanks for the reminder. it’s been a while and since today was like 85 degrees, a cold drink sounds good!

  2. I LOVE tea so I will have to try this out! Cheers to a wonderful birthday my friend. We will be south soon so I will be in touch!!! Smiles!!!

  3. happy birthday!!!
    and don’t worry – i’m turning forty this year and that feels much more weird than turning 30something. 😉

  4. Oh Happy Birthday! What a lovely cake and celebration! I have some roibos that a good friend recently gave me. I will have to give it a try. I think I even have a can of sweetened condensed milk in the cupboard.

  5. Emily – belated Happy Birthday! I recently turned 37 too and it did feel like a big number…

    Beautiful cake! Where is it from?

    I like my tea with milk too.

  6. Belated Happy birthday, Emily! I hope you had a nice day. To me you are still very young. 🙂

    I usually drink rooibos tea with milk and honey. I especially like the one with chocolate or hazelnuts taste. Mmmm…

    P.s.: It is weird but I see your posts quite some time after you publish them.

  7. Happy Belated 37! (A citrus Rooibos is my favorite — with a splash of honey!)

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