Dear Chloe, 3 years old


Dear Chloe,

You turned 3 years old on Thanksgiving day this year. No longer are you considered a toddler, but a preschooler, with all the interests, blossoming language skills, curiosity, fledgling independence, willfulness, and complexities that description entails. It has been a big year of changes for you. One major one has been the construction of our home addition, eventually giving you a wonderful space to play and dance, and the other being the summer arrival of your baby brother. I am happy to say that you are a very helpful big sister, which brings me great happiness and hope that you two will be lifelong friends some day.

As you are growing and learning, so are we, your mommy and daddy. We want to be the best parents we can be. You are both charming and clever, your actions often bringing smiles to our hearts on a daily basis. But some days are a struggle. Of course you’d like to get your way all the time. But sometimes we, your parents, have to make decisions for you that you don’t like. One example that comes to mind is your eating habits. You just don’t like to eat many healthy foods. You would eat cookies and cupcakes all day if we’d let you. As it is, we allow you an almost daily chocolate milk, which in some ways I’m thankful for since I can hide some vanilla yogurt (calories!) in with the Carnation instant breakfast mix (vitamins!).

The natural parent-child struggles aside, I want you to know what a happy childhood you’re having. It amazes me to think that you will likely remember none of this, and even we may forget some of what life is like right now. But it is good life, without a doubt. We are lucky to all be healthy, to have a comfortable home and especially each other. We are lucky that your daddy has a good job and that I can stay with you and your brother, that we can go places and do things. While we may not be able to afford everything you want (or we’d like to give you), you certainly have plenty of toys, games, art supplies, clothes and classes that you love, like dance and swimming. As your parents, we are trying to teach you to appreciate what you have, to understand how lucky we are, but those are probably lessons you’ll understand better as you get older.

Chloe, we love you so much. Your arrival three years ago made us a family. I hope this next year continues to bring you fun, happiness, new skills and joyous learning. You will always be our sweet little girl and a blessing to our lives, as we hope to continually be a blessing to yours.

Love forever,


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5 thoughts on “Dear Chloe, 3 years old

  1. So what exactly is wrong with eating cookies and cupcakes all day? Very nice write up! Love her!

  2. That first picture is priceless!!!

  3. She is growing so big fast and so is Leo!!! Love all the pics but, the last picture of Chloe & Leo is my favorite 🙂 xoxo

  4. What sweet and tender words. From one loving parent to another i just want to say that it’s nice to see a child raised by parents that care about her so much. Chloe is such a beautiful, wonderful child and you and David’s love for her is so readily apparent. Thank you to both of you for helping make the future a little better by raising such a loved child.

    Happy Birthday Baby Boo,
    Liza, Eric and Paolo

  5. Hey, I just thought you should know about some weirdo who’s stealing pictures of your kids from your blog and passing them off as their own on Facebook.

    I have no idea who this person is, they kept sending me friend requests and I thought their whole profile seemed a little off so I used to find out where they stole the images from. I reported them but still thought I should let you know as well.

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